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Prentice Alvin

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In this third novel of the saga, young Alvin Maker returns to the town of his birth and begins his apprenticeship with Makepeace Smith, committing seven years of his life in exchange for training as a blacksmith. But Alvin must also learn to control and use his own talent, that of a Maker, else his destiny will be unfulfilled.


One comment

  • Story line is too convoluted. Alvin and Calvin keep getting intertwined and that makes it confusing at various points. People are acting outside themselves and appear to be inconsiderate of the feelings of others and are so self centered in their goals that what they do or are going to be doing is not communicated to those who most want to keep in touch with them. If a normal human being would treat the ones they love in that manner they would become permanently estranged very rapidly and would never concern themselves with their "Past" Friends much longer.