Russian Roulette Audiobook by David Corn [Free Download by Trial]

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Russian Roulette

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Russian Roulette by David Corn, Michael Isikoff is an interesting and recommended read for readers interested in the strange relationship of Donald Trump with Russia. The book has been written by two prominent Democratic investigative reporters. The authors come forward and state that the Russians were deeply involved in influencing the 2016 US Presidential elections.

The book opens with stating that Trump was eager to meet Putin during the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, coincidentally the pageant is also owned by Trump. He wanted to do business with Russia and was interested in building a Trump tower-like structure in Moscow. Trump received a sealed letter inside a black box from the Russian President- Vladimir Putin after the pageant. The contents of that letter have not yet been disclosed.

The authors also suggest that Trump and many of his important aides and officials in the government met the Russians, officials, and agents. The book provides details of the discovery of a Russian journalist of an Internet Research Agency ‘troll farm’ which employed Russians using fake web identities to influence the American politics.

The “golden shower” Steele Dossier, compiled by Britain’s top Russian Intelligence expert which claimed that Russians had compromising information on the future US President is also discussed in detail by the authors. The book states that Putin disliked Hillary Clinton since her tenure as the Secretary of State during the Obama government administration, as she was opposed to him coming back to power as the Russian President. He did not want an American President who would deeply oppose him and Trump seemed the right choice for the job.


Russian Roulette by David Corn, Michael Isikoff stresses the Russian involvement in manipulating the results of the American presidential elections. The average American may believe that it had no influence on the way the citizens voted, but the evidence presented in the book should raise serious concerns.

The book provides some interesting revelations and evidences to back them. The book may feel little immature to some readers as an investigation is undergoing and the complete story is not yet known. It is a riveting book and should be read by people having interest in politics.

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  • Ever checked out a YouTube video with one of those synthetic, man-made voices? Well, this narrator totally has that same kind of voice, minus any hint of reverb. There's zilch emotion, zero inflection...I'm definitely sending back this audiobook and opting to read it instead. I gotta say, I'm super bummed out!
  • If you've been keeping up with the Russian assault on our nation, then you definitely need to grab a copy of this crucial book. It effectively bridges the missing pieces in the timeline, providing a comprehensive account of how we ended up in this situation. Plus, Peter Ganim's narration is top-notch.