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Kevin Hearne creates the ultimate Atticus O'Sullivan adventure in the grand finale of the New York Times bestselling Iron Druid Chronicles: an epic battle royale against the Norse gods of Asgard.



  • I absolutely adored this series, but this particular book left me feeling incredibly melancholic... Spoiler alert! *Sigh*... This series always managed to bring a smile to my face and even have me burst out laughing. It consistently had an engaging storyline, keeping me hooked and eager to turn the pages. Maybe my perception of this book's ending is tainted due to my current state of extreme depression and uncertainty about life. That's why I find it so absurd and self-righteous of Granuaile to harshly judge Atticus for his behavior. Atticus, being "human" in the sense of being imperfect, is bound to make mistakes. There are certain situations that happen to all of us, where no matter what choices we make, someone's feelings will get hurt or negative consequences will arise. Especially for someone who has lived a very long time and is the last remaining Druid on Earth, he's doing his absolute best to protect and care for the planet (Gia). It's unrealistic to expect him to be flawless, especially considering the immense responsibilities he carries. For Granuaile to pass judgment on him, knowing full well that he feels an overwhelming sense of responsibility for things beyond his control, is simply ridiculous. Anyway, I'm rambling now, so apologies for that. It just feels incredibly unsatisfying for this incredible series to come to an end on such a disappointing note...
  • I've been following Atticus for a while now, and I absolutely enjoyed his constant blunders. Needless to say, I had been eagerly waiting for this book to come out. *Spoilers* However, after listening to it, I must admit that it left me feeling quite annoyed. It seems like Kevin Hearne had a clear idea of how he wanted to wrap up the story, but then he filled the rest of the book with mediocre plot twists that felt like mere fillers. As a result, the book ended up being disappointingly short. In Hearne's perspective, the ending may seem just, but I personally feel that it lacks balance and reeks of hypocrisy. Throughout the series, every character has acted unethically towards each other at some point, yet they sit in judgment of Atticus from a seemingly superior position. He ends up paying the price for everyone's sins, while the others go on their merry way. I've always loved Luke Daniels' narration in the previous books, but in this one, I feel like he didn't do a great job. At times, Granuaile sounds too much like Atticus, and there was even a moment where I was convinced that the Monkey King was Loki because their voices sounded the same. All in all, I'm incredibly disappointed with this installment.
  • Couldn't Kevin Hearne have ended these characters in a more satisfactory way, if he was really done with them? I didn't care about Hearne's political beliefs, I just wanted a fantastic conclusion to this entertaining series. Unfortunately, it fell completely short.
  • I absolutely adored the entire series, but I have to admit that the final installment, 'Scourged', was quite challenging to listen to. In fact, it felt like a complete waste of time and left me feeling unsatisfied. Atticus, our protagonist, does face the consequences of his actions, but then manages to find a clever loophole, which is very much in line with his character. However, the unfortunate part is that we never get to witness or hear about whether he succeeds or not. Another disappointment is how Owen, a key character, is underutilized in this story, and we are left in the dark about the fate of his Grove. Do they manage to complete their mission? Who administers the test of mettle to them? These unanswered questions leave a lingering sense of incompleteness. The only character development that I found satisfactory was Grainualle's. It turns out that my irrational dislike for her as a POV character was actually justified all along. She ends up being a colossal waste of both our time and Atticus' time. While I highly recommend all the other books in this series, I cannot say the same for 'Scourged'. It simply falls short and fails to deliver the same level of enjoyment as its predecessors.
  • Kevin Hearne seems to have lost interest in the series and simply wrote 'Scourged' as a means to wrap it up. The only positives were the characters Owen Oberon and slowmo. However, Granueille came across as a self-righteous lover who lacked understanding and empathy. She really bothered me throughout the story. The gods, who consistently caused trouble and chaos for humanity, suddenly disregarded the treaties they made with Atticus and blamed him for everything while refusing to take any responsibility for their own actions. This frustrating conclusion put a damper on an otherwise fantastic series. In terms of the narration by Luke Daniels, he did a good job with certain voices but fell short with others. I couldn't distinguish between the male and female narrators. I have to admit, I'm really disappointed with this book, especially after eagerly anticipating its release for so long.
  • Luke Daniels continues to deliver his outstanding performance in 'Scourged', as expected. However, unlike the previous stories, this particular installment falls short. The narrative seems to devote a significant amount of time to promoting the short stories, leaving little room for substantial content. Our main protagonist appears to be ineffectual and merely tagging along, as if the author overlooked their importance and prioritized Granuel and feminism instead. Unfortunately, I will be seeking a refund for this audiobook.
  • I gotta start by saying, "Luke Daniels is absolutely incredible". The performance was top-notch. I was totally hooked on this series. I've been spreading the word about these books to everyone I know. I've even bought copies to give out. Now, let's talk about this final book... "I'm not angry, just a little let down." Before you jump to conclusions, I totally get the weight behind that statement. It was always the worst form of punishment. My habit of devouring the series before the next book comes out totally blew up in my face. It's really hard for me to explain this last book without giving away any spoilers. It's like watching The Goonies, where everyone ends up safe and they find the money to save the day. But instead, let's wrap it up with them getting scolded and sent to their rooms to reflect on their actions. My favorite light-hearted, funny series decided to take a Game of Thrones turn in the final stretch. Sorry, that might have been a bit too dramatic. Just stop reading at book 8 or book 8.5. I really wish I had.
  • This whole series is AWESOME. And love love love The narrator. He makes it so fun. That dog makes me laugh out loud and I never do that... kinda embarrassing on a plane. Start from first book and read all the way through. Love them all! .funny, Magic, God’s of every culture... what’s not to love.