See Me Audiobook by Nicholas Sparks [Free Download by Trial]

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See Me by Nicholas Sparks

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See Me by Nicholas Sparks is the nineteenth novel by the American author Nicholas Sparks. The story is about the relationship of the protagonists Colin and Maria. Colin has a troubled life. He has changed schools frequently and was severely bullied in different schools he attended during his formative years. His parents also have little interest in parenting and looking after him.

He has had anger management issues and frequent interactions with the police. Colin’s parents finally get frustrated with him and throw him out of the house. Maria, on the other hand, has grown up in a loving and nurturing family. Her family and colleagues have supported her throughout her life.

Maria and Colin meet on a rainswept day. Maria has trouble with her flat car tire on a heavily raining day of the road in Wilmington. Colin who is passing by stops his car to help Maria. She is scared of his beaten up face and thinks of him as dangerous. Colin changes her car tire and Maria leaves without even thanking him. Maria and Colin start dating and knowing each other.

Just as the couple start to have a routine and peaceful life, Maria’s past begins to haunt them. There are a series of haunting letters and dead flowers which arrive as a result of Maria’s past. Colin gets angered by this but still tries to remain calm while trying to find the identity of the person troubling Maria. Maria herself has a good idea of the identity of the person stalking her. As the stalker starts tormenting them, Maria and Colin are pushed to the limit to come out of this trauma.


See Me by Nicholas Sparks received mixed to positive reviews. The author has portrayed the different layers of Colin’s characters to the readers which helps in developing a bond with him. The manner of presenting the relationship between two completely opposite characters and making it believable to the readers is another accomplishment of the author.

The readers root for the romance of Colin and Maria due to their character development by the author. The readers will experience a roller coaster ride of emotions while reading the novel. This is recommended novel for the fans of Nicholas Sparks and they will highly enjoy the narrative.