Seeing Red Audiobook by Sandra Brown [Free Download]

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Seeing Red by Sandra Brown

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Kerra Baily is a television journalist and the main character of Sandra Brown’s audiobook, Seeing Red. Her career is on the rise and she is after a hot story that will definitely make her career skyrocket; she needs an interview with Major Trapper. The Major is considered as a national here since 25 years ago when he was photographed leading a group of people to safety during the bombing of a hotel in Dallas. Ever since then he became a celebrity, every journalist, newspaper, and TV show wanted to interview him, but at some point he just escaped the public eye, he ran away from the media and was never seen again.

She is sure that the interview will give her all the attention necessary to make her career reach new highs. She is willing to do anything to get that interview, even she has to convince the Major’s son, former ATF agent John Trapper, to introduce them.

It is a great story filled with very interesting events and mind-blowing twists.


Seeing Red, the audiobook by Sandra Brown tells the story of a volatile relationship between a strong man who with apparently serious flaws and a beautiful woman, intelligent woman with hidden strengths. They make this amazing story a romantic bestselling suspense.

Kerra Baily is a journalist that wants to interview Major Trapper who is a national hero from a bombing at a hotel in Dallas 25 years ago, who has disappeared from the media, in order to make her career skyrocket. She expects Major Trapper’s son, a former ATF agent, to help her arrange an introduction but he doesn’t seem to cooperate and is even rude. When she finally succeeds, Major Trapper gets shot just before the interview, when she barely escapes she participates in an investigation eighth John Trapper who doesn0t seem to trust her completely.

Their relation keeps changing from attraction to distrust for some time until a series of events begin unfolding bringing a lot of surprising twits to the story which makes it an incredibly written brilliant novel that will definitely make you fall for it immediately.

These elements have made this audiobook be praised internationally.

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