Sufficiently Advanced Magic Audiobook by Andrew Rowe [Free Download]

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Sufficiently Advanced Magic: Arcane Ascension, Book 1 by Andrew Rowe

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Sufficiently Advanced Magic: Arcane Ascension, Book 1 Audiobook by Andrew Rowe is fantasy work in a universe where magic and people who wants to develop their magic skills should go to a test, a dangerous one indeed.

In this world, people take a test done in the Serpent Spire; this is an enormous tower with ever-shifting rooms, traps, and many monsters. The main idea to go through the tower is to obtain an attunement which granted magical powers to the bearer if he or she survives the trials. Stories are told that those who get to the top of the tower will be given a blessing by the Spire’s goddess. It is good to insist that this would be obtained if you survived your time at the tower. Five years ago, Corin Cedence’s brother attempted to take the test, but he never returned home.

So now it Corin’s chance to go through the tower and prove his worthy to get the attunement and he is also interested in finding out his brother within the walls of the tower, if he is still alive in there. He pretends to get to the top of the tower and talk to the goddess, but the dangers ahead are going to require for Corin to be ready for them and he will need all the help he can get from his training, some allies, and a lot of inventiveness.

The obtaining of the attunement guarantees your entrance to a school to improve the magic gift given and, after a certain time, it will give the chance to return to the tower to earn more attunements.

But in the case of Corin, the attunements are just one part of the quest.


Sufficiently Advanced Magic: Arcane Ascension, Book 1 Audiobook by Andrew Rowe is the first entrance in the series and it has been well received by fantasy followers in general. The material originally entered the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPBO) and got into the second place in November 2017. The novel got the honor to be given the Stabby Award for Best Self-Published Book in the 2017.

Nick Podehl gives the right tone to the story and provides different voices to each character, makes you feel that you were going through the same situation of the audiobook’s hero during the 21 hours and 58 minutes that takes listening the whole material. Besides the long time, the audiobook does not bore and it is really enjoyable especially for those people very fond of stories involving magic pack with action, character development and a good and attractive story to follow.

According to the author, this is a material intended for those who love a traditional fantasy novel with certain touches of RPG games, but not falling directly in the category LitRPG. So if you enjoy these sorts of games and literature, this audiobook will provide you a great time at listening.

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  • The story immediately dives into the details without explaining the world or concepts, making it initially challenging to immerse oneself. However, after a few chapters, the book becomes quite captivating. By the time I reached the end, I was surprised to find only 20 minutes remaining. This led to an immediate search for the second book, but unfortunately, it was not available. I'm now completely hooked on this world. While it takes a few chapters, the book eventually provides thorough explanations of the magic system and the world. Personally, I appreciate the extra detail on how things work and the intricacies of the characters' environment. However, I must criticize the shallow development of the characters. Although there are hints of potential depth and complexity, such as invitations to dance, these aspects are never fully explored or developed. On the other hand, the main character is fantastic and often brings amusement to the story. The plot introduces several intriguing elements and incomplete storylines, leaving me curious if they are part of the author's grand plan. I sincerely hope so. Another criticism is the abrupt transition from regular characters to super heroes defeating god-like monsters, without sufficient buildup or development. These scenes can be a bit jarring. What I truly appreciate is that the main character doesn't start off powerless and miraculously become a god-like figure by Chapter 15. Instead, he relies on the skills he already possesses, making his victories more meaningful. Overall, this book is definitely worth adding to your collection. It has the potential to be a top-rated gem, but for now, it's more like a high-rated sun stone. If the analogy doesn't make sense, I highly recommend reading the book. I will undoubtedly be acquiring the second book and searching for other works set in this world. P.S. The narrator is excellent, no further commentary needed.
  • In my opinion, books in this genre need a main character who is either likable, interesting, or relatable in some way. Unfortunately, I found the main character in this book to be dislikable from the first few chapters and by the end, I couldn't stand him. He came across as whiny, pretentious, entitled, and a spoiled rich kid, with his "friends" being exactly the same. They are all thrown into a school with equally, if not more, pretentious and condescending "teachers" whose personalities grated on me from start to finish. On the upside, I believe there is an interesting story somewhere in there, and the world created by the author is intriguing to a certain extent. However, the fact that nearly every character is unlikable and the plot points are drawn out to excruciatingly long levels, makes reading this book feel like a tedious chore and completely kills any enthusiasm I had for finding out how the story develops. That being said, I do think the narrator did the best job he could with the material he had. It's disappointing because I had high hopes for this book based on the positive reviews.
  • The book was poorly written, giving off the impression that it was the work of an inexperienced writer. It was a struggle to connect with the main protagonist, who came across as whiny. The author's constant need to explain details through the main character's thoughts showed a lack of storytelling ability. Additionally, the author seemed to have a fixation on same-sex male attraction, which was the primary form of sexualization throughout the book. While not a major issue, more balance would have been appreciated. The performance of the narrator was subpar, with odd timing and phrasing that made it difficult to understand certain parts. Overall, I was unimpressed by both the book and the narration. It's clear that the author has an exciting story to tell, but lacks the necessary skills to do so effectively. As a result, I won't be continuing with the series.
  • Oh, also, fully agree on Porter; a bit on the fence on Nick Podehl. I loved his narration of Andrew Rowe's Sufficiently Advanced Magic, really couldn't stand him in Kong's The Land (although, to be fair, I just detested the writing of The Land after a while). I also love RC Bray,
  • A1: I liked "Sufficiently Advanced Magic" by Andrew Rowe. The main character is touch-averse and asexual. It's a mix of dungeon crawling and magic school stuff in the LitRPG genre.
  • Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe, A Dragon’s Curiosity by Bastian Bullinger and The Wayward Bard by Lars M. Found all of these worth the read, the first two have sequels out as well.
  • Three Parts Dead by maxgladstone for the bloody cool magic and twisty plot. Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe because I liked the LitRPG mechanics. Bitter Seeds by ITregillis because how can you not love WW2 Nazi supermen vs British warlocks & demons.
  • Some notable exceptions to my female characters/female authors preference are: *Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe *Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey *The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher I just realized that I prefer male protagonists in urban fantasy. Huh.
  • Sigh. Just noticed another series, Arcane Ascension by Andrew Rowe. The first book, Sufficiently Advanced Magic, was a good read, but the second, On the Shoulders of Titans is, as everything seems to be, in an editors inbox.
  • On the eve of SPFBO 2018, I want to take a moment to acknowledge my favorite book from last year's contest. Andrew Rowe's "Sufficiently Advanced Magic" is one hell of a book, y'all. It breaks new ground in exciting ways. I can't recommend it enough.
  • Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe (TaelienSalaris) is an entertaining litRPG coming-of-age story (and one of this year's SPFBO finalists), reviewed by TamagoDono:
  • 100pgs in and I have to agree I'm buddy reading it so will be stopping here for tonight, but it really reminds me of a mix of Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe (the tower) and Otherland by Tad Williams (all the different worlds/levels) and they're two of my faves :D
  • Just finished Andrew Rowe's "Sufficiently Advanced Magic" and hot damn it's one of the best fantasy books I've read in a good couple of years! Wholeheartedly recommend it for fantasy lovers, it's also delightful in its approach to LGBT+ related content~!
  • If you're looking for some less-than-typical fantasy to read; I can recommend Andrew Rowe's "Sufficiently Advanced Magic"! It's a really good read, and the setting and characters are written really, really well!
  • Having a relaxed week off. A lot of reading done: Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe and Three Parts Dead by maxgladstone - both excellent and well worth a read. Also getting a lot of my own writing down on the page :)
  • I'm reading Sufficiently Advanced Magic and am absolutely loving it. It's my first book by Andrew Rowe and I'm usually very picky. I honestly can't tell a difference between it being LitRPG and stuff by Sanderson or Jordan. It's just more tower puzzle solving etc.
  • Really enjoying Andrew Rowe's novel, Sufficiently Advanced Magic. It's so unlike anything I've read before. It's almost like reading the life of a game character...of a game I really want to play now! You can get the eBook for only $3.99, which is a...
  • Did more work on the armor and the sword. Trying to make it look more ornate like a Visage's would. SufficientlyAdvancedMagic Sufficiently Advanced Magic Andrew Rowe TaelienSalaris