Suicide Run: Three Harry Bosch Stories Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Suicide Run: Three Harry Bosch Stories by Michael Connelly

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LAPD Detective Harry Bosch as we've never seen him before, in three never-before-collected stories.



  • This audiobook, "Suicide Run: Three Harry Bosch Stories," features a collection of two and a half captivating Harry Bosch stories. These stories truly showcase the brilliance of the character as portrayed by the author. The mysteries presented in this audiobook are highly engaging and keep you guessing until the end. However, I must admit that I was slightly annoyed with the inclusion of the third story, as it turned out to be just the initial chapters of another book. It's always frustrating when audiobooks employ such tactics.
  • I wasn't as into this book compared to the author's longer works. I personally lean towards Dick Hill over Len Cariou. The stories had promise, essentially being abridged versions of the full-length ones. The shorter stories weren't bad, but I still have a preference for the full-length ones.