Sweetbitter: A Novel Audiobook by Reginald Gibbons [Free Download]

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Sweetbitter: A Novel by Stephanie Danler

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Sweetbitter: A Novel Audiobook by Stephanie Danler is the first published book of the author. It is based partly on the experience of the author as an waitress in New York City. Tess is 21 years old and she has shifted from Ohio to New York City. She does not know anyone in the city and manages to get a job as a waitress in a restaurant. She is attracted towards Jake a bartender and Simone a senior server.

Simone trains Tess under himself so that she could also become a server like him. The initial dislike of the staff for Tess is eased and she starts enjoying her time with her colleagues. She comes to know that Jack and Simone knew each other before joining the job and Simone treats Jack like family. Tess pursues Jack but he is apprehensive and keeps his distance from her.

She enjoys her time spent with both Simone and Jack. Slowly her closeness to both of them turns bitter. She finds out that Simone has raised and taken care of Jack since he was 8 years old. She loses respect for Simone and develops bitterness for her. She finds out that Jack and Simone have planned a vacation without letting her know. She also confronts Simone making fun of her. She speaks to Jake and explains him that his relationship with Simone is not healthy and asks him to quit it for her. Jake refuses to do so and Tess finally leaves him and walks out.


Sweetbitter: A Novel Audiobook by Stephanie Danler mostly received positive reviews from the critics. The author has a sense of detail for describing the events and characters in the novel. She has nicely portrayed the character of Tess and how her rough childhood experiences have shaped up her current personality.

The myriad feelings between Tess, Simone, and Jack have been craftily captured and depicted by the author. The jounery of Tess from a small town to a big city and the change in her lifestyle and habits have been expertly represented in the book. Overall, the merits of the book overcome the minor faults. It is a recommended read for the readers having taste in romance and relationships.

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