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Take Me Back

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From USA Today bestselling author Meghan March comes a hot new standalone romance all about second chances.




  • This book is absolutely fantastic! I was hooked from the very beginning and couldn't tear myself away. The only thing I wish is that the author's books were a bit longer, because I can't get enough of her storytelling. She's definitely one of my all-time favorite authors, and I've devoured many of her books in both written and audio format. And let me tell you, I've adored every single one of them!
  • Meghan March's approach to the story in 'Take Me Back' was incredibly unique. The decision to begin in the midst of a relationship added a captivating element, as we were introduced to the main characters while they were "celebrating" their second anniversary and trying to salvage their marriage. Dane, portrayed by the talented Zachary Webber, was a character that I absolutely adored (partly due to his yum factor). Additionally, I'm eagerly looking forward to reading more about his friends. As expected, Andi Arndt and Zachary Webber delivered exceptional performances once again.
  • oh ms March I thought the inane ramblings at the beginning was going to be a disappointment but I should have known better. well done for a twist I didn't really see coming. love and I and Zach....
  • Loved it! I wasn’t sure what to expect being a stand-alone story bc I always loved the little connections MM does in her other novels/trilogies and what not, but this was refreshing as the characters already had a relationship and had to work hard to stay together. It’s a nice, refreshing plot.