The Brothers Karamazov Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Brothers Karamazov

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After spending four years in a Siberian penal settlement, during which time he underwent a religious conversion, Dostoevsky developed a keen ability for deep character analysis. In The Brothers Karamazov, he explores human nature at its most loathsome and cruel but never flinches at what he finds.The Brothers Karamazov tells the stirring tale of four brothers: the pleasure-seeking, impatient Dmitri; the brilliant and morose Ivan; the gentle, loving, and honest Alyosha; and the illegitimate Smerdyakov: shy, silent, and cruel. The four unite in the murder of one of literature's most despicable characters-their father. This was Dostoevsky's final and best work.



  • The dialogue in this audiobook is so full of life that it truly immerses me in the world of the characters. I feel like I have a personal connection with each of them. The performance is absolutely fantastic, truly remarkable!
  • It took me some time to complete The Brothers Karamazov, but it was absolutely worth the time and effort invested. When I reached the end, I found myself in tears. Karamazov for the win!
  • well the story is great but i struggled to get half way through because the reader is monotonous and sounds like he is not into it...i notice he also reads war and peace which was my next rental.....:(
  • As one would expect with Dostoyevsky, the book includes a kitchen sink's worth of cynicism, wisdom, character development, and wit. There is always the buffoon Dostoyevsky character who puts his foot in his mouth at every opportunity, especially while drunk. Fyodor Karamazov, the dad, is a fool that keeps us laughing, as are some other characters, though to a lesser degree. I totally enjoyed this selection.
  • This is a lengthy book, but one well worth the read. I appreciated Frederick Davidson as the reader and thought he kept a good pace and did a good job of distinguishing parts. The character development is the model for good writing. Although there is little "action" in the book, Dostoyesvsky retains the readers interest on the strength of his mixture of characters and surprising twists in the unfolding of their personality and nature. Alyosha summarizes the author's message, in my mind, with his statement in the final chapter: "Ah, children, ah, dear friends, do not be afraid of life! How good life is when you do something good and just!"