The Demon Crown: A Sigma Force Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Demon Crown: A Sigma Force Novel by James Rollins

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A construction project beneath the National Mall reveals a dark secret dating back to the Civil War, something buried by a cabal of scientists, led by Alexander Graham Bell, who helped found the Smithsonian Institution. It is a cache of bones, preserved in amber, protecting a wonder like no other, the very secret of life after death. But such a prize is guarded by a horror out of the ancient past, a horror that still lives in the marrow of those bones-and is now free again.



  • As a fan of these books for a while now, I have to say that while 'The Demon Crown: A Sigma Force Novel' was good, it didn't quite become my favorite. Maybe it's because of the focus on wasps, but I didn't really enjoy the chapters from the wasps' perspective. Additionally, I felt like there were a few too many additional characters who didn't contribute much to the story, and their names ended up making things a bit confusing.
  • I absolutely love the Sigma Force novels, and this one is no exception. Rollins has truly mastered the skill of seamlessly integrating historical and scientific facts with an undercover paramilitary group, making it an addictive read. There were moments in the book where I found myself frantically searching on Google to verify the information. Although I'm willing to believe the whole story, it's fascinating how the best lies often contain a significant amount of truth. Fantastic job, and the narration was excellent too. Can't wait for the next installment!
  • The narrator really struggled with portraying the characters accurately. It was noticeable how he would suddenly switch his voice in the middle of a sentence when he realized which character was speaking. It felt as if he hadn't prepared beforehand and had no clue about the material he was reading. This made it incredibly difficult to keep up with the story! I definitely won't be buying any more audiobooks narrated by him.