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The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly

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Mickey Haller has fallen on tough times. He expands his business into foreclosure defense, only to see one of his clients accused of killing the banker she blames for trying to take away her home. Mickey puts his team into high gear to exonerate Lisa Trammel, even though the evidence and his own suspicions tell him his client is guilty.



  • You'll be constantly kept in suspense, eager to discover what unfolds in this gripping story. It's perfect for your car rides, as it will keep you engaged and on your toes, eagerly anticipating the next turn of events.
  • I was lured into purchasing this book by the countless positive reviews, but it turned out to be a big letdown. The writing is simply terrible and it seems to underestimate the intelligence of the reader, explaining things in a condescending manner as if we couldn't comprehend the intended meaning. The narrator, in my opinion, is a poor choice for the book. He sounds like a grizzled, tough-as-nails gunman who has chain-smoked his entire life, which is not what you would expect from a lawyer. In fact, the protagonist doesn't even behave like a lawyer. As this was my first experience with this author, I can't compare it to their other works to determine if it's any better or worse.
  • Usually, I'm not a fan of stories set in courtrooms or involving lawyers, but there's just something about Connelly's writing that always leaves you wanting more. Despite my reservations, I decided to give "The Fifth Witness" a shot after hearing rave reviews, and I'm really glad I did. Connelly's storytelling has a captivating quality that grabs hold of you from the beginning and refuses to let go. Admittedly, if I had known beforehand that this book focused on courtroom proceedings, I might have skipped it entirely and missed out on a truly fantastic read. The narration and overall storyline were a perfect match, creating a seamless blend of Haller's personal and professional life. It was truly a work of art. Trust me, you won't want to overlook this one.