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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins debut thriller which deals with the sudden disappearance of a girl. Rachel Watson has lost her husband Tom, due to her excessive alcoholism. She commutes by train daily which stops at a station near her old home, where her ex-husband Tom lives with her wife Anna now. Rachel could not have children due to which there were problems in her life and her marriage did not last. On her daily commute, she sees a lovely couple living in the same building as her home. She nicknames them Jason and Jess, though their real names are Scott and Megan.

Megan is depressed and unhappy after her gallery closed. She starts getting frustrated and bored with her life and her husband Scott is concerned about her. Megan goes for counseling and starts having a love affair with her therapist-Kamal.

One day during her train commute, Rachel sees Megan kissing another man and she becomes livid at Megan for throwing away her beautiful life with Scott. Megan goes missing and Rachel decides to help in the investigation of Megan. Rachel approaches Scott as Megan’s friend and tells him about Megan kissing Kamal. Scott continues to be in touch with Rachel in the hope of finding out more about Megan.


The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is a fast-paced and gripping thriller. The author changes the narrative from the alternating point of view of three characters- Rachel, Megan, and Anna. The alternating point of views provides detailed insights into the lives of each of these characters and each chapter gives away only the relevant information about them. The author builds up the characters slowly and in a detailed manner.

The writing is fast-paced and keeps the readers gripped at all times. The unreliable memory of Rachel where she gets drunk and forgets everything about the events of the day before also contributes to the suspense of the story. The writing is exceptional and the readers can relate to the characters and believable events which unfold in the story. The beauty of the novel is the magnificently developed and detailed characters and an engaging thrilling plot which makes it an engaging novel to read.

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