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The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

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A dazzling family love story reminiscent of Everything I Never Told You from a novelist heralded by Lorrie Moore as a "great new talent."



  • Absolutely despised it. Eddie never gets what he deserves. The author completely neglects to tie up any loose ends, particularly regarding the fortune teller. Each character is more loathsome than the previous one. Thank goodness no one in the book is actually immortal because I found myself eagerly anticipating their demise throughout. Furthermore, Benjamin's simplistic grasp of politics, global affairs, and human connections renders this novel even more fantastical than the supposed "magic" element.
  • Chloe Benjamin is an amazing writer who introduces us to characters that we grow fond of, but who also have their fair share of imperfections that make us stop and think. The individual narratives of each sibling will captivate you and make you contemplate how life can unfold in such unique ways for each person. The only issue I have is with the narrator's approach to the book. It seemed as though she read everything with a touch of attitude, and it became slightly bothersome as time went on.