The Land: Raiders: A LitRPG Saga: Chaos Seeds Audiobook [Download]

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The Land: Raiders: A LitRPG Saga: Chaos Seeds, Book 6 by Aleron Kong

The readers can download The Land: Raiders: A LitRPG Saga: Chaos Seeds, Book 6 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Land: Raiders: A LitRPG Saga: Chaos Seeds, Book 6 Audiobook by Aleron Kong is the six installments on the very successful Chaos Seeds series. Once again, we are transported to The Land where Richter has to fight demons, goblins, sprites, banished gods and magic. The story continues when The Mist Village is facing Goblins who have invaded Richter’s lands, although they have failed in the first incursion; the anger of Chaos Seed is still there and Richter is not going to remain quiet on this occasion. For those who dare to challenge Richter’s power will soon discover why all creatures fear the mist… there is where monsters dwell.

Now it’s the turn for Richter to attack his enemies, take the battle to their side. He has to set his name in high regard and all The Land will feel how powerful he has become. Marching to war accompany by the army of the Mist Village and the Wood Sprites of Nardia, he is taking a new step in his evolution in his path through The Land. He has been a healer, an enchanter, a dungeon diver, and also a killer; but now fate is taking him to another role: he is becoming a raider.


The Land: Raiders: A LitRPG Saga: Chaos Seeds, Book 6 Audiobook by Aleron Kong is so far the best entry of the series according to followers and fellow writers, with a good handling of the narration and creating expectation as every single line of the story is narrated. The characters interaction among each other is well represented and the battles scenes are as well.

What is more amazing is the writing style of the novel which allows the narrator, Nick Podehl, a great telling of the most important aspects of the characters stories as well as their development through the plot. He also provides the tone and intonation in every single character from the story, making the listening a lot more pleasant.

What is sort of awkward is this idea of not knowing how long this series would be, since reading every new episode and you find that the main character, Richter, hasn’t reached his highest level; already in chapter 6 and he is still on a level 2 on this world. Besides that, the story is quite compelling and the audiobook catches your attention during the 13 hours that takes to get the whole picture in front.

This time the story is set at the very beginning and the whole time of narration, filled with sub-quests and additional plots, goes to solve the initial plot: “rescue victims and assault a goblin stronghold”. At the end of the tale, the book delivers its initial offer and this time the material doesn’t end with a cliffhanger as happen in the last episode of the series.

But don’t you worry; a seventh entry in the saga is already available.

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