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The Last Black Unicorn

Written By: Tiffany Haddish
Narrated By: Tiffany Haddish
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Date: December 2017
Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes

More than a narrative book, The Last Black Unicorn Audiobook by Tiffany Haddish is a compendium of all the experiences – good and bad – that the author has to endure in her way to the top. These experiences are distributed in a series of felt, impulsive and touching essays that are also painted with what’s so characteristic of Haddish, comedy.

From the very beginning, the audiobook shows how tough life was with her, as from her first years at school, she was bullied because of her moles. The name of the book actually comes from one of those stories, since one wart in her forehead gave her the nickname of “dirty unicorn”, and that she turned into “The Last Black Unicorn”

But things get even worst, as when she was 8, her mother had a crash and a serious head-wound that turned her into an abusive mother. Then how she was abused once more in foster homes and finally ended up in an abusive marriage.

Even though, Haddish doesn’t leave behind the good things even in the middle of so much grey; she also tells how she found out that comedy could save her from all the suffering. Some of the essays depict very hilarious stories of her participating as a paid mascot at school and how she became an “Energy producer” at bar mitzvahs when she was 15.

The audiobook also described how her abusive home made her have a certain attitude at school that almost led her to a psychiatric therapy, but instead took her to the “Laugh Factory Comedy Camp”. Haddish claims that Camp was the first time she felt safe and then all the professional comedy began.

Finally, “The Last Unicorn” audiobook undergoes in her first steps into comedy success, including a lot of funny failures. The narrative finishes with her participation in the #MeToo movement and how it drove her to her appearance in “Girls Trip” finally launching her to the fame.


Haddish’s narrative is an extraordinary combination between heartbreaking and hilarious. If you hear “The Last Unicorn” audiobook read by Haddish herself, the experience gets even more vivid. Every time the story touches a funny or sensitive point, the voice shades demonstrate how deeply she’s touched by everything she lived.

On the other hand, the energy and power to live so impressed in her personality also dress every word she reads. Both the writing and the reading show the humanity, humility, and self-love that come with overpassing life challenges, but in a really joyful and funny way.

Without a doubt, The Last Black Unicorn Audiobook by Tiffany Haddish is the memoirs of an intense life that was confronted with bravery and decision. But most importantly, the audiobook is a guide and inspiration for all those women and girls that feel lost and beaten by life. Tiffany Haddish is the example showing that a strong heart and a good laugh are always the most powerful weapon.


What are other public appearances Tiffany Haddish known for?

Besides her debut in “Girls Trip” Haddish is also the first African-American comedian to host the popular show “Saturday Night Live”

What’s Tiffany Haddish on now?

While she’s not writing any new book by the moment (or at least hasn’t talked about) she signed with HBO a two-year contract for the production of her already-successful stand-up comedy tour #SheReady.

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  • Finishing this book was a real challenge for me. I opted to give it a shot as I was genuinely curious about the author's story, particularly considering my profession as a social worker. However, I found myself annoyed by the voice imitations and her narrative about Roscoe. Furthermore, her reading style proved to be grating. It felt more like a rehearsal than a polished recording. While I do appreciate her personal journey and the obstacles she overcame, I personally didn't find her humor appealing. That, perhaps, is another reason why I didn't enjoy the book. I give her credit for her achievements, but unfortunately, this book just didn't resonate with me.