The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

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A masterful, moving novel about age, memory, and family that will forever establish Walter Mosley as one of the true literary icons of our time.



  • I don't get why I waste my time watching the movie after reading the book. I must enjoy tormenting myself, I guess. These characters resonated with me on a personal level. They remind me of certain members of my family. Do the protagonists actually come out on top in this situation? I highly doubt it. It feels like a never-ending cycle of one step forward, two steps back. However, it does make for an incredibly captivating read. Walter Mosley has a knack for keeping his readers hooked and craving for more.
  • I had a great time reading this book. I grabbed it because I had heard that Walter Mosley is an acclaimed writer, and now I understand why. This book strikes a balance between hope and sadness, with a poetic melancholy that delves into themes of love and life, even though the main focus is on dementia and imminent death. Definitely give it a read - it's enjoyable. And let me tell you, the narrator was absolutely fantastic.
  • Mosly does a masterful job in this book of actually placing the reader in the head of an older, man suffering from dementia. If I had read this book about 20 year ago, I probably not be able to relate to the problems of getting older. The story of how Ptolomey deals with his dementia, his love for his family and friends, his relation ship with women and in particular to Robyn (the young girl who becomes his fiend/ally) and how he deals with normal life's problems are all captured in Mosely's stylings. A very good book, not what you'd expect from Walter Mosely if your a Walter Mosely fan, but you'll appreciate the range of his writing even more.