The Lost Symbol Audiobook by by Dan Brown [Free Download by Trial]

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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown is the third novel in the Robert Langdon series. It was published in 2009. The plot opens with the world-renowned symbolist Robert Langdon invited to a lecture in the United States Capitol by his mentor Peter Solomon who also heads the Smithsonian Institution. Langdon has also been requested by Solomon to bring a small sealed package which was handed to him by Solomon sometime back.

However, on reaching Langdon discovers that he was not invited by Solomon but by his kidnapper Mal’akh. He posed as Solomon’s assistant and invited Langdon to the event. The kidnapper has also left the severed hand of Peter Solomon in the middle of the Capital Rotunda thereby recreating the Hand of Mysteries. Mal’akh contacts Langdon and asks him to find the Mason’s pyramid which according to the masons is buried somewhere in Washington DC and also to find the lost world else he will execute Solomon.

Langdon contacts the authorities who further believe that Mal’akh is a serious threat to US national security and his arrest is much more important than the release of Peter Solomon. Upon examination of Solomon’s severed hand, they get clues which lead them to the Solomon’s Masonic altar in the basement of the Capitol. Inside there they find a small pyramid which is lacking a capstone with inscriptions on it. It leads to a hectic chase and solving of mysteries and cryptic puzzles to keep the world chaos at bay.


The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown was well received. It sold more than one million copies on the first day of its release, thereby becoming the fastest selling adult novel in history. It was also on top of the New York Times Bestselling list. The plot moves forward at a scintillating pace with unexpected twists and turns. The narrative keeps the readers completely engaged and focused on the plot.

The author has done considerable research on the subject to present the facts before the readers. Readers will be rooting for Langdon as he undertakes a journey through hidden chambers, tunnels and solving cryptic puzzles for world peace. The book is unputdownable and a must-read.

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