The Ramona Quimby Audio Collection Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Ramona Quimby Audio Collection

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Meet Ramona. She lives on Klickitat Street with her mother, father and big sister, Beezus. She's not afraid of anything and is always up to something. And that's just the beginning…




  • Beverly Cleary has done an amazing job crafting the Ramona Quimby series! The books are relatable and truly exceptional. Some individuals have expressed concerns about Stockard Channing's narration, claiming that she reads too quickly and gives the girls peculiar voices. However, I strongly disagree! Channing does a fantastic job bringing the characters to life, particularly Ramona, Beezus (Beatrice), Willa Jean, and Howie. As for the criticism regarding Channing's speed, I must disagree once again. I have adjusted the narration speed to 1.7 and have become completely accustomed to it. To those who complain about the pace or tone, I challenge you to read the entire series aloud without pauses, stutters, or embodying the characters simultaneously! Overall, Beverly Cleary has done an outstanding job with the books, and Stockard Channing's performance is truly remarkable. I highly recommend getting the Ramona Quimby Audio Collection.
  • Me and my two 8-year-old dudes have been jamming to this audio collection and we are totally digging it. We can't get enough and keep hitting that replay button. The characters are super lifelike and the stories are top-notch. It's a wholesome ride filled with loads of thrills.
  • I've had a hard time getting my daughter to sleep, so I attempted reading her stories, but it didn't seem to do much. Then I discovered this book, and it worked like a charm - she slept like a log!
  • Ramona Quimby made her debut in the Henry Huggins series as the mischievous younger sister of his friend Beezus. However, she soon became the star of her own spin-off, showing that she was just a young kid who often found herself in trouble. In the first book of this collection, the focus is on Beezus and the challenges she faces having Ramona as her little sister. It explores the feelings that can sometimes feel wrong, but ultimately reminds us that it's okay to have those emotions. The second book shifts the spotlight to Ramona as she navigates the ups and downs of kindergarten through a series of playful misadventures. This installment allows us to see Ramona as a real child, setting the stage for her growth throughout the rest of the series. As the series progresses over six more books, Ramona continues to mature, taking us on her journey through third grade. We witness her family expanding their house, her dealing with troublesome classmates and making new friends, and her parents facing job challenges while also welcoming a new baby into the family. What sets these stories apart is Beverly Cleary's writing style. She skillfully presents the narrative from Ramona's perspective, allowing us to see the world through her eyes without using a first-person voice. Cleary captures the worries and thought processes of children in a way that resonates with both kids and adults. Stockard Channing delivers an outstanding performance in narrating these stories. As someone who listened to these audiobooks on cassette tapes from the library as a child, Channing's voice is deeply intertwined with my memories of the stories. She doesn't try to make Ramona sound cute; instead, she authentically portrays her as a kid, despite being an adult herself. Overall, this audiobook collection is highly recommended for both children and adults who appreciate children's literature. It's a great deal, especially when using a service credit.
  • My children know this collection by heart. Stockard Channing's portrayal of Ramona is absolutely top-notch. It's almost otherworldly to witness my kids bursting with laughter while listening to the very same books that I couldn't get enough of as a child, and that my own mother couldn't get enough of either.
  • The author of this book seems to have completely disregarded the importance of manners and the lessons it imparts on children regarding their behavior. Ramona's actions in the story are truly terrible. Personally, I would not want my five-year-old or any child of any age imitating Ramona's behavior. It is definitely not suitable for kids.
  • After listening to the first chapter, I discovered that the book "The Ramona Quimby Audio Collection" tends to rely on stereotypes and display a bias towards gender. While it does effectively portray the dynamics of sibling relationships, I found the rest of the book to be offensive. It repeatedly reinforces traditional gender roles, emphasizing how a girl should behave, what type of books she should read, and the specific types of work that women should pursue. In today's society, where we are actively working towards achieving equal representation for women across all fields, particularly in STEM, this book fails to encourage young girls to strive for such aspirations. Instead, it contradicts these efforts and promotes outdated gender expectations.