The Search for Significance: Seeing Your True Worth Through God’s Eyes Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Search for Significance: Seeing Your True Worth Through God's Eyes by Robert McGee

The readers can download The Search for Significance: Seeing Your True Worth Through God's Eyes Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Robert McGee’s best-selling book has helped millions of readers learn how to be free to enjoy Christ’s love while no longer basing their self-worth on their accomplishments or the opinions of others. In fact, Billy Graham said that it was a book that “should be read by every Christian.”



  • I really liked reading this book. Although, I feel like I would have enjoyed it even more if I had gotten my hands on the full version. I don't understand why you guys only offer the abridged version. It should be up to the customer to decide which one they prefer.
  • I was pretty disappointed with this audiobook as it seemed to be missing some of the most impactful parts, particularly the Bible verses. It's strange because I had the physical book as well and had to constantly search for the sections it was supposed to be reading. It was quite frustrating since there was no indication that it was an abridged or edited version. It felt a bit misleading, to be honest.
  • The author got right to the point and discussed numerous issues that my husband and I needed to tackle. They assisted me in recognizing problems that we were dealing with, yet I struggled to comprehend and put a name to them.
  • This audiobook is definitely worth giving a listen to, and I would even recommend listening to it multiple times to really absorb the valuable insights it offers. Taking notes while listening can also enhance the learning experience. However, one minor drawback is that it could benefit from more practical application guidance.
  • This book is like the ultimate guide, second only to the Bible, when it comes to grasping the significance of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and how it deeply impacts our lives. I've gone through its pages multiple times, and it never fails to enlighten and inspire me.
  • I've gone through it or read it at least 8 or 9 times. This book was a fantastic pick-me-up following the passing of my spouse and navigating through the comments that some might consider inappropriate during such a period.
  • This audiobook has really made me see things from a new perspective, especially in relation to my personal experiences. Moreover, it has shed light on certain ongoing issues I've been facing with others, allowing me to better understand their motivations and actions.
  • After going through the details of the book, I didn't come across anything that indicated this was the condensed version. Considering the hard copy book was last updated in 2003, I assumed the audio book would be comprehensive since it was released later. However, this audio book omitted significant portions, leaving me feeling unsatisfied.