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The Shining by Stephen King

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The Shining Audiobook by Stephen King is a horror novel published first in 1977. It is the third published novel of Stephen King. The plot is set in the fictional hotel Overlook, located in the Colorado Rockies. The hotel has a history of the death of some of its guest and the former caretaker Delbert Grady who fell to cabin fever and also killed his family along with himself.

The protagonist of the story Jack Torrance accepts the position of winter caretaker in the hotel Overlook. He moves to the hotel along with his wife Wendy and son Danny. Jack is an aspiring writer and is a recovering alcoholic who has had issues with anger management in the past.

Jack feels that the isolation of their lives in the hotel will help him spend time and reconnect with his family and also provide him with the perfect backdrop for writing his new play. Danny has special psychic abilities which are referred to as the shining. He can read minds and also experience the future events. This ability of Danny is not known to his parents.

The guests and staff depart from the hotel and Jack and his family are now left alone. Slowly Danny starts having disturbing and unsettling experiences at the hotel. He is able to see ghosts and frightening things. He keeps these visions to himself and does not share it with his parents as he feels Jack’s job is important for their family’s well being. Wendy considers leaving Jack alone in the hotel for doing his job, however, Danny feels that their presence will make his father happier. Soon Danny realizes that his presence in the hotel only makes the supernatural forces stronger.


The Shining Audiobook by Stephen King creates a complete nightmarish life which comes alive. The author has mixed the supernatural with the real-life cleverly. King creates a dark and horrifying environment which the readers will experience while reading the novel.

The author is a master at knowing when to frighten the readers with fear of the unseen and when to fling a demon in front of them. The Shining will take the readers on a spooky and eerie ride which they will enjoy. The narrative is compelling and frightening and it is considered one of the best horror books written. A definite read.

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