The Speed of Sound Audiobook by Eric Bernt [Free Download by Trial]

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The Speed of Sound: Speed of Sound Thrillers, Book 1 by Eric Bernt

The readers can download The Speed of Sound: Speed of Sound Thrillers, Book 1 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Speed of Sound by Eric Bernt is a science fiction thriller novel. The plot starts with Harmony House which is akin to a special place for special people. It is a place where high intelligence autistic people come to harness their skills and talents for producing something beneficial to the society and mankind. Dr. Skylar Drummond a psychologist at the peak of her career occupies an important position in the Harmony House. Eddie Parks one of the residents of the Harmony House is a genius.

Living in the Harmony House, he is protected from the outside world and he has the time and potential to create something which will benefit the society. He does just that and creates a device called ‘echo box.’ The device is linked to a computer and can read minuscule ripples in the wall to recreate sounds recorded by the previous occupants. The unbelievable discovery has the potential to record past conversations.

Eddie created the echo box for hearing his mother’s voice, but he has no idea that his discovery has significant repercussions and threat to national security. The US government wants to stop this technology at all costs. Many other government agencies and intelligence agencies are in the race to acquire the technology as it will give them unparalleled advantage in intelligence and surveillance.

After some time the truth dawns on Eddie and Dr. Skylar Drummond about the true nature and significance of Eddie’s invention. Eddie gets drawn in and tangled with these intelligence agencies as they are after him for his invention. Dr. Drummond risks everything and takes Eddie on the run from these agencies.


The Speed of Sound by Eric Bernt was billed as a propulsive thriller and starts off with lots of promise. The plot is compact and futuristic. The editing though could have been better. The book has lots of chapters- 114 chapters which makes it inconvenient to read.

The main characters have been fleshed out well by the author. The plot is fast moving and has plenty of action to keep the readers engaged and interested till the end. Overall, the novel is a fun read and a recommended one-time read.