The Third Option: Mitch Rapp Series Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Third Option: Mitch Rapp Series by Vince Flynn

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When diplomacy has failed and military intervention is deemed inappropriate, our leaders often turn to a silent and dark community for results. This is a course of action not always taken by wise and honorable men. In certain circles it is known asThe Third OptionFresh from retaking a battle-scarred White House after a vicious terrorist attack, Mitch Rapp, the CIA's top counter-terrorism operative, is sent on his final mission. His target: a well-known German industrialist who has been selling highly sensitive equipment to one of the world's most notorious sponsors of terrorism. As Rapp meticulously prepares to take the man out, he has no idea that there are forces within his own government that are plotting to use him.The conspirators have devised a bold plan that will damage the president and ruin the career of the incoming director of the CIA's Counter-terrorism Center. Unfortunately, they have made one horrible miscalculation: they have chosen Mitch Rapp as their pawn. Their worst nightmare is about to be realized. They have enraged one of the most lethal and efficient killers the CIA has ever produced -- and he will stop at nothing until he finds out who set him up.With action that sizzles from the opening paragraph and insider details that bring the story to vivid life, The Third Option showcases a New York Times bestselling author who is just hitting the peak of his extraordinary storytelling powers.



  • I've gone through the whole series already and like always, I really liked this book. However, I had a hard time with the narration. The unnecessary fake voices and constantly mispronouncing common names really got on my nerves. Despite that, I still enjoyed the story, but I won't be listening to any more books narrated by Mr. Sullivan.
  • I actually read this book years ago as a physical copy. But now that I'm listening to the audiobook version and hearing the narrator, I discovered that Mitch's fiance is actually named Anna Really. Funny enough, I always thought it was spelled as Reilly. You learn something new every day, I guess. It's pretty amusing, lol.
  • The audiobook is not complete, as part two abruptly concludes without providing a proper ending to the book. This issue needs immediate attention and resolution. It is quite frustrating, especially for fans of Vince Flynn.