The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel by Diane Setterfield

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Sometimes, when you open the door to the past, what you confront is your destiny.



  • I gotta say, "The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel" is one of those special books where the storytelling and the narration go together like peanut butter and jelly. They complement each other so darn well that it's impossible to think of one without the other. The two voices in the audiobook actually enhance the story instead of being a distraction. Boy, am I glad I decided to listen to this book instead of reading it. I don't reckon I would've enjoyed it half as much if I had read the printed version. Kudos to the folks behind the narration! I really miss those voices in my ears and the characters running wild in my imagination.
  • I'm all for some interior monologue, but this one went a bit overboard for my taste. I suppose you have to be a fan of Wuthering Heights, The Woman in White, and the like. The excessive pauses, suppressed emotions, and intense stares had me losing my mind while driving. The plot is somewhat intriguing, but I wouldn't really suggest it. However, the narration was top-notch.
  • The writing in 'The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel' is top-notch, with a great sense of place and an excellent portrayal of emotional depth. The author's descriptions of multiple generations in a dysfunctional family are captivating, and the architectural details of the family estate add another layer to the story. However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The frequent flashbacks and intrusive back stories can be disruptive, and the unnecessary use of fantasy elements may not appeal to all readers. The pacing of the storyline could have been better, as readers may find themselves waiting for something significant to happen. In terms of character development, the two principal characters are interesting, but some readers may find them lacking in likability. Despite the complex history of the characters, they fail to truly engage and captivate. The enigmatic elements of the family history may leave readers questioning their significance in the end. Nevertheless, the overall reading experience remains enjoyable, thanks to the well-narrated audiobook. It is a great choice for those looking to multitask and listen while doing other activities.
  • After hearing so many positive things about this novel, I had high hopes for it. However, I found it to be quite dull. Although the story did pick up a bit after a few hours, I was disappointed by the lack of character development. It was difficult for me to connect or feel any sympathy towards the characters, as they came across as mean, cruel, uninteresting, or just plain weird. I couldn't bring myself to care about what happened to any of them.
  • I have to say, this audiobook is hands down the best one I've come across. The narration is top-notch, the writing is absolutely beautiful, and the story itself is captivating. The characters feel so real and relatable. The author's skillful use of poetic language completely engrossed me, to the point where I found myself getting lost in the words rather than focusing on the plot. I had to pause and reflect on what I had just heard because it was just that thought-provoking. It's definitely a fantastic audiobook experience, but I also felt the need to physically read the book, so I ended up ordering a hardcover copy. Trust me, even if you're not a fan of ghost stories, don't let that deter you. This book is all about celebrating the joy of reading, the power of literature, and the importance of our own personal narratives. Don't miss out on it!
  • I read 'The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel' more than a year ago, but it has stayed with me as one of the most captivating mysteries I've ever come across. It's unique and timeless, with themes that can be compared to iconic stories like Cain and Abel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and even V.C. Andrew's 'Flowers in the Attic' - a book I read back in seventh grade. The common thread of a toxic family runs through all of them. Setterfeld's writing has me eagerly anticipating her next gem.
  • I devoured this book right after finishing the Forgotten Garden, and I honestly can't decide which one I enjoyed more. If you want a quick summary, just check out the critic review for the Audie Award Finalist in Literary Fiction for 2007. They really hit the nail on the head. These two narrators did an incredible job at captivating me with their storytelling abilities. This is storytelling done absolutely right.
  • I devoured this gem when it was released years ago and it instantly won my heart. After a disappointing binge read in October (PG), I ransacked my memory for a book that would perfectly capture the essence of the season without the blood, violence, and revulsion. That's when The Thirteenth Tale struck me like a lightning bolt. Rather than a conventional review, consider this a friendly suggestion for a book that might not be on your radar at the moment (it was published in September 2006) because: 1. It's OCTOBER, people! 2. The writing is absolutely top-notch. 3. It's a contemporary classic, reminiscent of The Lady in White. 4. The ambiance is tailor-made for an October day or night, nestled by the fireplace, engrossed in a hauntingly beautiful tale. 5. Oh, did I mention it's a ghostly tale? Spine-tingling, indeed. 6. There's no better time for a gripping mystery thriller. 7. The characters come to life in your mind, vividly and flawlessly crafted. 8. It's incredibly intelligent; it won't dumb you down, but rather stimulate your brain so much that you'll need to remind yourself, "hey, focus and pay attention!" 9. Sometimes we all need a respite from the violence, the profanity, and all those explosive bombs (even though we might drop a few ourselves). And if your older kids want to read along, no worries! 10. A book about books? Absolutely riveting. 11. Is there a more perfect setting for a tale? A crumbling, eerie mansion in the English countryside, perhaps? 12. And even if you manage to unravel the mystery...what really happened to the Nanny, smarty pants? Any theories? 13. The narration is the cherry on top of an already tantalizingly eerie treat. I adored reading this years ago, but experiencing it through an audiobook took my appreciation to a whole new level. It's a fabulous choice for any occasion, but especially sublime for embracing the spirit of the season right now!
  • The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel by Setterfield is a modern book that captures the essence of a captivating Victorian novel. The intricate storyline is brimming with hidden family secrets, governesses, and young women on a quest to uncover their pasts. The characters are deeply compelling and the narrative propels you forward, making it difficult to stop listening even into the late hours of the night. The two narrators deliver flawless performances, but it is Bianco Amato's emotive voice, tinged with melancholy, that adds a haunting atmosphere that aligns seamlessly with the story. I wholeheartedly recommend this audiobook.
  • Everyone knows that reading is a personal experience. What one person loves, another person may hate. This is especially true when it comes to "The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel". It's interesting to see how opinions differ so drastically when it comes to this incredible story. For me, I was completely captivated within the first 30 minutes of listening. Just like others have mentioned, I found any excuse to continue listening. My workouts at the gym became longer, I took the scenic route home instead of the shortcut, and I was genuinely hooked on every single sentence. The narration of the audiobook is absolutely spot on and enhances the overall storytelling experience. Let's hope the author is working hard on her next masterpiece.