The Vor Game: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Vor Game: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel by Lois McMaster Bujold

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Miles Vorkosigan graduates from the military academy only to be assigned to an arctic training camp, where he averts a massacre between the base commander and mutinous recruits, before being reassigned to investigate a suspicious military buildup near a wormhole nexus.



  • I think it's pretty clear that GRRM took inspiration for Tyrion in his "A Song of Ice and Fire" series from Miles, the main character in "The Vor Game: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel". It's like they're practically the same person! I'm honestly blown away. Even though Bujold has won multiple prestigious awards like the Nebula and Hugo, her work didn't quite catch on in a big way. I don't know if she ever took legal action for copyright infringement, but the similarities between Tyrion's journey in the first and second book and Miles' adventures in "The Vor Game" and "The Warrior's Apprentice" are uncanny. But don't let that deter you from giving this audiobook a chance. It's a captivating spy thriller with a complex and intriguing protagonist. He's incredibly smart, but his high status (being the son of a count and prime minister with royal connections) and his strong moral compass often land him in even worse situations. Take a chance on this audiobook and discover where GRRM found his most compelling character's personality and storyline.
  • This book was a blast. There were quite a few military obstacles along the way. It had a touch of growing up, but it's definitely not just for young adults. There was a fair amount of interstellar action as well. The spy intrigue added a lot of depth to the story, and the political maneuvering was quite intense. Initially, the plot seemed a bit scattered, but I should have had faith in the author's ability to pull it all together. As the story progressed, everything fell into place. I'll definitely continue to read the rest of the series. I really enjoyed Grover Gardner's narration.
  • Oh my god, I can't contain my excitement. Um, I started listening to this one thinking it wouldn't be anything special since the main character isn't your typical fantasy hero and it's about soldiers - or so I thought - fighting bugs on a moon as part of a close-knit team. Boy, was I wrong! Instead, I found myself bursting with laughter at the clever humor, the brilliant setups, and the clever cons inspired by the Marx Brothers, all in the name of a (mostly) good cause! It's like Ocean's Thirteen, but cooler, faster, funnier, and more intense - the kind of story that would be perfect for the big screen. Who would have thought that a genius politician with a complex mind, disguised as an aristocratic officer serving his world and honor, could be so entertaining! I was pleasantly surprised by how Mile's physical disability, caused by his non-genetic bone condition, evoked sympathy and made me genuinely care about his character, hoping for his healing. The other characters are also handled with the same care and attention. This is truly an outstanding book.
  • LMB delivers yet another captivating book with "The Vor Game: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel". By the way, for those curious about her, she actually has a MySpace page, which she seems to update every few weeks. Just a little FYI for fellow fans like myself.
  • Definitely not the worst audiobook I've ever gotten my hands on, but it falls short of being the best. The narrative tends to stretch itself thin with mundane intricacies, lacking a truly captivating storyline. The protagonist's frequent identity shifts make it difficult to keep track of whose team he's really on. I held out hope for improvement, but unfortunately, it never arrived.
  • I'd give this a solid 2.5 stars, to be honest. I've read other books by this writer before and I have to say, she's a great storyteller. Unfortunately, there were some inconsistencies in this one. The first part of the book was really enjoyable. The characters and the story were well-developed and engaging. I actually thought this might become one of my new favorites. However, after about 3.5 hours, everything fell apart. The new characters introduced felt like clichés and the plot became predictable and aimless. It almost seemed like the author had lost interest in the story or was rushing to meet a deadline. If you're already a fan of this series, I'd still recommend giving it a try. The narration and presentation were top-notch. But if you're expecting something on the same level as "The Curse of Chalion," then you might want to skip "The Vor Game."
  • Once again... LMB did an excellent job. I've had a blast with the entire Vor series and I highly recommend it as a fantastic audiobook that offers great entertainment and value.
  • Damn, Miles Vorkosigan really knows how to find himself knee-deep in shit! The Vor Game snagged that prestigious Hugo Award for best sci-fi novel, and let me tell you, listening to this bad boy in audiobook format was one hell of a good time!
  • This audiobook is the second installment in the series featuring the adventures of the young and talented hero, Miles Vorkosigan, who faces both incredible abilities and significant challenges. I knew I had to have it as soon as I burst out laughing during the brief preview. The narrator did an excellent job, although towards the conclusion, I found it challenging to stay fully aware of the various political factions and their allegiances.