The Widow’s House Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Widow's House

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This chilling novel from the bestselling, award-winning author of The Lake of Dead Languages blends the gothic allure of Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca and the crazed undertones of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper with the twisty, contemporary edge of A.S.A. Harrison’s The Silent Wife—a harrowing tale of psychological suspense set in New York’s Hudson Valley.



  • 'The Widow's House' had a promising start, but unfortunately, it fell into a repetitive pattern with very few unexpected twists. It felt as if it was going around in circles, without any clear direction. The main character began decently enough, but as the story progressed, their actions became increasingly unintelligent. This audiobook couldn't quite decide whether it wanted to be a mystery, supernatural tale, or a thrilling experience, and ultimately failed to be any of the above. Although the reader's performance was passable, they didn't quite excel in distinguishing between different characters as other narrators have done. Additionally, the voice given to the protagonist seemed too young and girlish for their age. Overall, this audiobook didn't leave a positive impression.
  • This book has been on my mind for years. I'm a huge fan of audiobooks and I consume them like crazy. I have access to various services and the library, so I'm always indulging in books. Some of them I really enjoy and listen to multiple times, but most of them I forget soon after. However, this one has left a lasting impression on me. It keeps lingering in my thoughts. The premise of the story takes a while to unravel, but the writing is so skillful that it's easy to miss the clues. The story intertwines multiple plotlines, making it difficult to see the bigger picture until the very end. The writing is subtle, captivating, and steadily builds up momentum, pulling the reader along until we're fully immersed in the intricate web of the narrative. I intentionally didn't provide many specific details because I believe it's best to simply experience the story by listening to it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.
  • The narrator made this book better, I believe. Decent story with several twists and turn that keep the reader engaged. The author was rather heavy-handed in her use of atmospheric imagery; too many sunsets the color of blood, for example. A slow starter for me at least but worth a read.