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The Wolf of Wall Street (Movie Tie-in Edition)

The readers can download The Wolf of Wall Street Audiobook by Jordan Belfort for free with Audible Free Trial.

Written By: Jordan Belfort
Narrated By: Eric Meyers
Date: November 26, 2013
Duration: 20 hours and 26 minutes

Genres: Biographies, Business, Money, Personal Finance, Investing


The Wolf of the Wall Street by Jordan Belfort was first published in the year 2007. Jordan Belfort portrays his journey as an apprentice at a brokerage firm to establishing his own investment firm. The book opens with Belfort working as a junior stockbroker and surrounded by people who want to grow richer and more powerful. He gets the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from them.

After few years, he leaves his job and starts his own investment firm in Long Island, New York. He starts making millions of dollars daily through illegal ways. He would purchase large sums of cheap shares and dump them by pumping up the prices. This way, he ended up making lots of money, but his clients made huge losses. The audiobook sketches the world of power, debauchery, and greed which gets beyond control and becomes insatiable.

The audiobook projects the story of a man who made a fortune and saw it all crash down as well. It is a story of a conman who had a wife, children, and money in his life to lead a happy life. However, his insatiable greed of more made him to con people so that he can continue living his lavish life until he gets exposed and caught.


During the 1990s Jordan Belfort, the infamous founder of the investment firm Stratton Oakmont was one of the most notorious names in American investment finance. He made a fortune through stock trading using illegal methods and conned many investors. The book- the Wolf of the Wall Street by Jordan Belfort is his memoir, where he recounts his life’s happenings.


The audiobook did get positive reviews from the critics. It became an international bestseller also. The writing though is not technically sound but is impressive. The book describes the life of Belfort and his over the top lifestyle. The personal life of Belfort is detailed out in great depth in the book. His lavish lifestyle, extravagant spending, and indulgence are mentioned in details.

The tone of narration seems arrogant at times which aims at glorifying the lifestyle of Belfort. The credibility and authenticity of the memoirs also seem questionable at times, since it comes from a man who has been under influence of drugs heavily. The book puts together different pieces of information and characters to portray a cohesive story which is riveting. The book is worth reading and leaves its mark on the readers.

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