The Wright Brothers Audiobook by David McCullough [Download]

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The Wright Brothers by David McCullough

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The Wright Brothers by David McCullough is a non-fiction book published in 2015. The author presents the lives and other personal details of the two Wright brothers- Orville and Wilbur. The author presents them as two boys from Ohio and provides an insight into their early lives and growing up. Both of them got along well and were aware of each other’s nature and strengths. Wilbur was the older brother and the lead in their partnership, while Orville was more fashionable and charismatic of the two.

During the high school, Orville started a print shop in the back shed. Wilbur used to help the younger brother as and when he got time. The elder brother had other domestic duties to attend to. After their high school years, there was a bicycle craze. Both of them set up a shop nearby their home where they built and repaired bicycles.

This was their first rendezvous with the world of mechanics and machinery which later inspired them to develop the world first airplane. The author narrates the family values and attachment of the brothers. With all their experiments and scientific expeditions, they had a strong sense of family values and shared robust family relationships. They were always in touch with their family members throughout their scientific journey and never lost track of their families and relationships.


The Wright Brothers by David McCullough Text received positive reviews from the critics. It was appreciated for presenting the facts in a concise and unadulterated manner. The book also made it to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. The uniqueness of the book lies in its treatment by the author. The author has not packed the book with only scientific details and the achievements of the Wright brothers which the world already knows.

What makes the book stand out is the author’s mastery in providing the readers basic details of the brothers from their early childhood and their families to the bond they shared. The readers will be able to fully understand the Wright brothers which will make them appreciate the magnanimity and significance of their achievement. The book should be definitely read by readers interested in aviation and scientific inventions.

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