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Then Came You

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Jules Strauss is a Princeton senior with a full scholarship, acquaintances instead of friends, and a family she's ashamed to invite to Parents' Weekend. With the income she'll receive from donating her "pedigree" eggs, she believes she can save her father from addiction.




  • I am a big fan of Jennifer Weiner but this book was such a disappointment and so predictable that I figured out what was going to happen to the main characters and then skipped to the last CD and was correct! Please Jennifer bring back your character rich style - it was greatly missed with this book!
  • I loved this book....some of it took me by surprise and was actually shocked, I loved that about it. I am a fan of her novels. As far as the narrative, this is the first time I ever listened to an audio book... It wasn't bad but it did seem a little bland.
  • False advertising. no humor AT ALL! Took 6 hours to start any kind of romance and it was a lesbian exploration. This book belongs in a non fiction, snore category not romantic comedy.
  • I enjoyed the book. I thought the concept was intriguing and original. The narrator who voiced Jules drove me crazy. I thought she did a great disservice to the author. Every contraction was misspoken -- didn't became dih-en, couldn't -- cuh-en, hadn't - hah-en. It took me right out of the story, which every author knows is one of the worst things that could happen.