Three Sisters, Three Queens Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory

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“There is only one bond that I trust: between a woman and her sisters. We never take our eyes off each other. In love and in rivalry, we always think of each other.”



  • Once again, Philippa Gregory, the ultimate historical fiction writer, has delivered a stunning piece of work with "Three Sisters, Three Queens." I had been eagerly anticipating the release of this novel and wasted no time in downloading it as soon as it became available. And let me tell you, it exceeded all my expectations! Bianca Amato once again showcases her incredible talent with an impeccable performance. "Three Sisters, Three Queens" takes us on a journey into the lives of three remarkable women who may not be as well-known as the Boleyns or the Parrs. We get a chance to delve deeper into the intriguing lives of Margaret and Mary, who are sisters to King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, his first wife. Filled with intense emotions, shocking betrayals, captivating masques, and thrilling jousts, Gregory certainly knows how to keep the reader fully engaged. Rest assured, she doesn't disappoint in the slightest.
  • Wow, I can't believe how terrible 'Three Sisters, Three Queens' was. I mean, seriously, it was absolutely awful. I couldn't even make it past the first third of the audiobook, which ended up costing me a whole five hours of my life! Margaret, the main character, was just insufferable. She was so whiny and completely unlikable. And let's talk about the misleading title! As many others have pointed out, we only get to see the other two queens through Margaret's perspective. What a letdown!
  • I'm a huge fan of Philippa Gregory and I've devoured all of her books, so naturally, I had high expectations for "Three Sisters, Three Queens". Unfortunately, it fell short of my hopes. Firstly, the title is a bit misleading as the story mainly revolves around Margaret, with only glimpses of her sister-in-law Catherine of Aragon and her younger sister Mary Tutor. Margaret's perspective dominates the narrative as she obsesses over her sister and sister-in-law's supposedly comfortable lives in England, while she struggles in Scotland. And boy, does she go on and on about it. The book is plagued with her repetitive tirades, where she constantly reiterates the same thoughts. Instead of a simple "they don't like me", she goes on a never-ending loop of "they don't like me, they hate me, they probably want me dead, they wish I wasn't even in the same room as them, they don't think about me at night or in the afternoon, they probably didn't even think about me yesterday, and so on". You get the idea. The dialogue is more sophisticated, but you get my point. As someone who loves English Medieval history, it pains me to say that this book was a major letdown. Normally, I adore Philippa Gregory's novels, but this one was a snooze fest. Save your credit and skip this one.