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Archaeologist Nora Kelly is adrift in her career and her personal life when a violent, inexplicable incident leaves her in possession of a mysterious letter. Written by her father, who vanished sixteen years ago in the remote desert, the letter reveals the location of a legendary site hidden in the red rock canyon country of southern Utah: Quivira, the Anasazi Indians' wondrous lost city of gold.--BOOK JACKET. "Convinced that her father truly had found Quivira, Nora puts together an expedition and takes a team up Lake Powell to the mouth of Serpentine Canyon. In the stark labyrinth of canyons and slickrock desert she will find the answer to both her greatest hopes and her deepest nightmare. For hidden in the shadows of the sunbaked cliffs are untold treasures, the solution to the greatest riddle of American archaeology - and implacable, suffocating death."--BOOK JACKET.



  • Thunderhead serves as the sequel to Scythe, and while it still focuses on the main characters from the first book, it also introduces new ones. One of the notable aspects of this book is the Thunderhead itself, which can be seen as a character, resembling an idealized version of 'The Machine' from Person of Interest, benevolently ruling over humanity. The returning characters continue to develop and grow, while the new characters bring their own intriguing dynamics to the story. Unfortunately, I accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler, which lessened the impact of a major event for me. However, this did allow me to appreciate the buildup leading to it. Similar to Scythe, I wholeheartedly recommend this book series. Whether you're a fan of YA or new to the genre, Thunderhead offers a captivating science fiction experience that goes beyond labels.
  • The narration in Thunderhead is absolutely incredible! The story is fantastic, and the characters are well-developed. My absolute favorite "character" in this book is actually the AI known as Thunderhead. Thunderhead is incredibly profound and philosophical, and it's rare to find an AI that genuinely cares about and understands humanity. The twists and turns in the plot are completely unpredictable. The author's writing is exceptional, particularly in the way he brings depth to the character of Thunderhead. However, I did find that there was slightly less action compared to the first book, and I was hoping for more battles involving Scythe Lucifer. Overall, this book is definitely worth reading and provides a highly enjoyable experience. I can't wait for the finale!