To the Nines Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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To the Nines by Janet Evanovich

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The latest Stephanie Plum mystery from bestselling author Janet Evanovich finds Stephanie, Lula, & Grandma in Vegas and in deep problem with the mob. Unabridged CD version.



  • I couldn't stop laughing while listening to 'To the Nines'. It's hands down the funniest book I've ever come across. I was sitting at work and my laughter was echoing through the office, making everyone wonder what was going on in my cubicle. Lula, one of the characters in the book, is an absolute gem. The scene where she was being chased by dogs on her way to the office had me in stitches. Lula has become my favorite character, although all the characters are amazing. The humor in this book is top-notch, and the serious moments are equally well-executed. I loved how Stephanie went through Ranger's men like cars, it added an extra layer of excitement to the story. Stephanie always finds herself in crazy situations, but as she would say, "it's not my fault."
  • I've gone through the first eight books in the series and figured it'd be a blast to give this one a listen. Stephanie hails from New Jersey, but where's the Jersey accent?!? Nonetheless, I opted to continue listening, but the narration was excruciating. It's truly a tragedy to witness the story being butchered in such a manner.