Uganda Be Kidding Me Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler

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Wherever Chelsea Handler travels, one thing is certain: she always ends up in the land of the ridiculous. Now, in this uproarious collection, she sneaks her sharp wit through airport security and delivers her most absurd and hilarious stories ever. On safari in Africa, it's anyone's guess as to what's more dangerous: the wildlife or Chelsea. But whether she's fumbling the seduction of a guide by not knowing where tigers live (Asia, duh) or wearing a bathrobe into the bush because her clothes stopped fitting seven margaritas ago, she's always game for the next misadventure. The situation gets down and dirty as she defiles a kayak in the Bahamas, and outright sweaty as she escapes from a German hospital on crutches. When things get truly scary, like finding herself stuck next to a passenger with bad breath, she knows she can rely on her family to make matters even worse. Thank goodness she has the devoted Chunk by her side-except for the time she loses him in Telluride. Complete with answers to the most frequently asked traveler's questions, hot travel trips, and travel etiquette, none of which should be believed, UGANDA BE KIDDING ME has Chelsea taking on the world, one laugh-out-loud incident at a time.



  • This audiobook is a riot! The hilarious incidents had me in stitches, and the narrator's delivery only added to the fun. Plus, the different characters were brought to life by various voices, complete with spot-on accents. And let's not forget the added bonus of the accompanying pdf of photos. This audiobook is pure joy from start to finish!
  • I really enjoyed it! Definitely not for the faint-hearted when it comes to curse words. It's all about a confident and hilarious woman with a great sense of humor. I gave it four stars instead of five because the speed reading was a bit too fast. However, I was able to adjust the playback speed to 90% without losing the unique tone of her voice.
  • Chelsea is absolutely hilarious and manages to uplift my spirits even during the most frustrating rush-hour traffic. This audiobook is a delightful and entertaining experience that brings nothing but pure fun. I wish I could have a friend like Chelsea, someone who can share such amazing stories.
  • I've already read two books by Chelsea Handler, and "Uganda Be Kidding Me" is the latest one. It's packed with authentic humor that will have you in stitches and thoroughly entertained by her tales and adventures. I highly suggest giving it a go.
  • This audiobook had me laughing out loud! It was incredibly entertaining and relatable. There were moments where I thought to myself, "Thank goodness I'm not the only one who's experienced that!"
  • I really wish that Chelsea could narrate every single Audiobook out there. Her energy and storytelling abilities are unparalleled. She is absolutely hilarious and effortlessly bold. Her laughter and her willingness to laugh at herself and others make her extremely lovable, even when she's being outrageously naughty. I truly admire how she sets up those around her for her epic pranks; she's a true mastermind. Her imagination is simply mind-blowing. Chelsea is a true entertainer. Please keep writing, Chelsea, because I'll definitely be listening!
  • I highly recommend this audiobook to anyone looking for a good laugh! It's the perfect companion to get through a long work day. What makes it even better is that Chelsea narrates it herself. I'm a big fan of all her books.
  • I must confess, as someone who devoured all of her previous works, I had reservations about this one. I thought to myself, "Surely, she must have exhausted her supply of comedic material by now." Boy, was I mistaken. "Uganda Be Kidding Me" revolves around Chelsea and her uproariously entertaining circle of friends embarking on an African safari adventure. Each chapter is filled with side-splitting humor that will undoubtedly have you laughing out loud. And trust me, listening to Chelsea narrate her tale only amplifies the hilarity that is already present.
  • It takes a lot of courage for her to open up about those embarrassing experiences and her wild antics. It's the kind of storytelling that will satisfy your craving for schadenfreude for a good month.