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Virgin River

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Recently widowed, grieving Los Angeles midwife/nurse Melinda Monroe answers a small upstate town’s ad for help. Nestled amongst California’s giant redwoods, quaint Virgin River is host to many quirky characters—including bar owner Jack Sheridan, who may be just the man to make Melinda smile again.




  • There are so many unexpected surprises and plot developments throughout 'Virgin River'. The connection between Jack and Mell feels genuine and authentic. It's really disappointing to see how they are treated in the television series.
  • Finally back in the comfort of home - that's exactly what this book feels like. The writing is absolutely exquisite, and the characters are incredibly delightful. It's the kind of refreshing story that you'll want to revisit time and time again.
  • I really loved this series! The story had a perfect blend of romance, humor, and seamless flow, making me eagerly anticipate what would happen next. The drama was touching yet relatable to each unique character. It was an absolute blast, and I had a fantastic time. The narrator truly nailed it with their exceptional performance.
  • I love tuning in to 'Virgin River' during my work hours; it's like a mini escape for me. The characters and plotline keep me hooked, and I have to say, Therese Plummer nails it as the narrator. Can't wait to dive into book 2!
  • I devoured the entire Virgin River series a few years ago and absolutely adored the stories. However, the Netflix series left me feeling utterly disappointed as they completely changed the essence and characters of this beautifully written series, starting from the first book. Overall, I did enjoy the audiobook, but the narrator struggled with the male character voices. They all sounded like they were only 14 years old! It's a little jarring to hear a tough marine sounding like a teenager. Those who are only familiar with the Netflix version will be pleasantly surprised to discover just how much better these wonderful characters and plot are in the original written form. I probably won't buy the rest of the series due to the narration, but I will definitely revisit my favorite books in the series to experience each character's journey in subsequent stories. There's nothing random or accidental about this series, as Robyn Carr truly knows how to captivate with her storytelling! If you think the Netflix adaptation deviated from the essence of book one, just wait until you witness what they did to Preacher's story! Save yourself the disappointment and turn off the show, dive into the books instead!
  • I've been on the hunt for an author and book series that could really capture my heart for a while now, and I finally found them! This author is the real deal! The characters are incredibly well-developed, the storyline is top-notch, and the main character is someone I can truly relate to. That's why I'm taking the time to write this review! And let me just say, Thérèse Plummer does an amazing job with her flawless narration! I'm so excited to dive into Shelter Mountain next!
  • I've read these books for the third time already. The characters are absolutely amazing, I just can't seem to get enough of them. It would have been great if the Netflix series had stuck more closely to the original books.
  • I totally adored this book! It was incredibly well-written. The author painted a vivid picture of Virgin River along with its captivating characters. It truly immerses you in the town, making you feel like you're forming genuine friendships with each individual. The narrator did an awesome job, bringing the story to life. As someone who loves reading but rarely has the luxury of sitting down and indulging, this was absolutely the ultimate way to savor my reading experience!
  • An extraordinary, excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed right to the last syllable and then wish for more, lots more...the story line was thrilling, warm and intelligent. The Author writes with her audiences need of a darn good story. The narrator tells it in the voice that the author wrote it in. I could not set this book aside for anything, listening to the wee hours of the morning. Then listening at the first crack of an eye opening up. Loved it!!