What Christians Believe Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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What Christians Believe by C. S. Lewis

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Master storyteller and essayist C. S. Lewis here tackles the central questions of the Christian faith: Who was Jesus? What did he accomplish? What does it mean for me?



  • This audiobook is an absolute gem! The author's brilliant intellect, devout Christian beliefs, and captivating writing style truly shine through. Listening to it was an absolute delight!
  • This book is a fantastic overview of the core beliefs held by Christians. CS Lewis manages to provide a comprehensive coverage without altering or omitting anything. It's a must-read for anyone delving into religion and seeking to uncover the truth.
  • The writing of this book is excellent and the thinking is clear and to the point. It emphasizes the importance of showing love instead of passing judgment. It also highlights the significance of forgiveness and being open to receiving forgiveness. Ultimately, it promotes a message of peace and reminds us to appreciate and value all aspects of life.
  • Lewis presents a well-structured and coherent argument in "What Christians Believe," making it simple for readers to understand and engage with the apologetic aspects of Christian faith. The narration is top-notch and adds to the overall experience of the audiobook.
  • Just like his other works, the author once again presents profound ideas in "What Christians Believe." Take your time to savor and digest these thought-provoking insights. It's a book that will help you build and fortify your faith while providing an opportunity for reflection and pure enjoyment.
  • In "What Christians Believe," CS Lewis takes a comprehensive look at the core tenets of Christianity, drawing comparisons to other beliefs without holding back any punches. This thought-provoking and concise exploration offers an intellectual perspective on CS Lewis's personal understanding of the Christian faith.
  • Since I first delved into the Chronicles of Narnia series, I've always imagined that Mr. Lewis would have been an absolute gem of a professor. What made me think this, you may wonder? Well, it's because I believed he had a knack for getting sidetracked from dull topics and effortlessly steering conversations towards subjects that fascinated me. But now I realize that he was far too shrewd to fall for such attempts. He would have seen through my ploy from a mile away and skillfully guided the discussion exactly where he intended it to go, all the while making me believe I was still in charge. In simpler terms, he would have become my favorite teacher because of how much knowledge he imparted. He possessed a remarkable combination of brilliance, humility, and a sharp sense of humor, all of which he utilized to educate others in ways that never failed to astonish and captivate. This concise book serves as a splendid testament to his exceptional qualities.
  • Short and straight to the point. It has a straightforward approach that still manages to delve into deeper complexities. Perfect for anyone seeking an understanding of Christian beliefs.
  • This audiobook, 'What Christians Believe', is wonderfully straightforward and to the point. I found every sentence enjoyable, and it really got me thinking. Plus, it was super easy to follow. Big thanks to the author!