White Lines III: All Falls Down Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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White Lines III: All Falls Down

The readers can download White Lines III: All Falls Down Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The ultimate love story began in White Lines, and now in this stunning conclusion, Jada and Born come full circle-but not without paying a hefty price.


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  • I've gone through all three books and enjoyed every single minute of them. I'm really happy that they brought in a new narrator for this one. The narrator really helped bring the story to life in a much better way compared to the previous books.
  • I decided to go for the audiobook version of 'White Lines III: All Falls Down' after reading the previous books in a printed format. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a huge error on my part. The narrator's performance was highly disappointing. I couldn't understand why the narrator, who was supposed to depict characters from New York, sounded like she was from the Deep South. It would have been better if they had chosen someone who was either from that region or capable of capturing its essence. But this lady clearly missed the mark. It was a cringe-worthy experience that spanned 11 long hours.
  • The title is perfect because it really "All Falls Down" I loved this series TOO MUCH! I enjoyed every second of this roller coaster as I fell in love with the characters and became attached to them. I got so lost in their world while reading that I had to remind myself so many times that they were characters in a story rather than actual people I have built a relationship with. I felt like a fly on the wall while reading and it brought out so many emotions. This series will took me to anger, to tears, to happy, to laughter, to sadness, and then to overwhelming joy. Tracy Brown really outdid herself. Most people don't realize that this series intertwines with her popular books Criminal Minded, Snapped, and Aftermath.The new characters this part 3 aren't actually new.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the final trilogy of White Lines. I would recommend reading the first two installments prior to reading White Lines III. This was a wonderful conclusion to the series, plenty of bittersweet drama and the characters were excellent. The narrator did a great job, and I wish that there could be an academy award for performances in audio books as there is for actors who portray characters in film. Five stars, such an enjoyable read!
  • **THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS* Happy endings do happen!! Sunny never answered to anyone and when she had to answer to her daughter she caved. RIP. My biggest negative is that there was a different narrator for this novel. I listened to the entire trilogy and to change the narrator who doesn't seem to have the ability to change her voice to give each character their own sound was hard to listen to until the actual story got sooooo good you didn't care who was talking!! (Run on sentence I know)