Working for Bigfoot Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Working for Bigfoot

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Chicago wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden is used to mysterious clients with long hair and legs up to here. But when it turns out the long hair covers every square inch of his latest client’s body, and the legs contribute to a nine-foot height, even the redoubtable detective realizes he’s treading new ground. Strength of a River in His Shoulders is one of the legendary forest people, a Bigfoot, and he has a problem that only Harry can solve. His son Irwin is a scion, the child of a supernatural creature and a human. He’s a good kid, but the extraordinary strength of his magical aura has a way of attracting trouble.



  • Here's a rephrased version: The 'Working for Bigfoot' audiobook offers another collection of tales that take place in the Dresden universe. These short stories delve into plotlines that were previously hinted at but left unexplained in the series. As always, Marsters does an incredible job narrating, and fans of the series will be delighted to see Harry triumph over the challenges he faces.
  • I gotta say, this little story is pretty dang short to be its own book, ya know? But despite that, I really dug what was there. I was actually under the impression that this was gonna be the next installment in the Dresden Series, but hey, still enjoyed it.
  • Great short stories. Fresh approach to "the Big Foot" phenomenon. A great listen. The narrator brings Jim Butchers' words to life. The short stories are fun for children of all ages, however the last story has an adult activities that may not be appropriate for small children.
  • I enjoyed this title a great deal, :-) but just an "FYI" for any future customers... the three stories in this volume are included in Jim Butcher's latest Dresden collection, Brief Cases, which has a number of other stories in addition, so this one has been superseded at this point.