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Alexander Hamilton

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Founding father Alexander Hamilton led a passionate and meaningful life. Nicknamed Little Lion for his short stature and bold ideas, Hamilton played an integral role in the founding of America's union after the Revolutionary War, as well the drafting and executing of America's Constitution. His life, chronicled in Charles Arthur Conant's biography of him, exemplifies that of hard work and accomplishment. Along with fighting in the Revolutionary War, he became America's first Secretary of the Treasury under Washington's administration where he set up the nation's first financial system. This biographical account of Hamilton's life shows how important he was to the birth and eventual administration of the young American nation. The life of Alexander Hamilton, as recently performed in the Broadway musical.



  • I didn't know much about Alexander Hamilton, apart from the negative things I had heard here and there. However, this book does a fantastic job of dispelling those rumors and showing them as nothing more than attempts to tarnish his character by his political enemies from long ago. Like anyone else, Hamilton had his flaws. But when you compare him to the other influential figures of his time who played a role in shaping the United States, this book truly highlights his immense talent and productivity, which has been unjustly undervalued. The author's meticulous attention to detail and captivating storytelling truly brought the events to life. You can really feel what it was like to live through those politically turbulent times. Even if you're just a fan of American History, this book offers a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding of that era.
  • I really enjoyed reading this book as it provided me with a wealth of information about a person I had very little knowledge of before. The narration was fantastic, with a perfect pace that kept me engaged throughout. This unabridged version would have easily stretched over 50 hours if not for the well-paced delivery. If you're interested in learning about Alexander Hamilton, this book is an exceptional resource. It not only sheds light on his life and accomplishments but also offers unique insights into the historical context and culture of the time, something I haven't come across in other biographies. However, one aspect that bothered me was the apparent bias and one-sidedness prevalent in this book. It seems that the author presents Adams, Jefferson, and Madison as potential criminals who conspired against Hamilton. This extreme viewpoint reminds me of the "Clinton paranoia" I encountered while reading Clinton's book. Any criticism or wrongdoing attributed to Hamilton's adversaries is brushed off as unjust, with the narrative suggesting that they were solely out to get him. However, it is important to acknowledge that Hamilton had his fair share of troubles, many of which he brought upon himself.
  • I absolutely loved reading this book. The author did an excellent job in narrating the compelling story of Alexander Hamilton's brilliance. The way it was written made me truly understand the tragedy of his self-destructive tendencies and political mistakes. Even though I knew what would happen during his encounter with Burr, the book's description of the duel and his subsequent death left me feeling incredibly sorrowful. Some may argue that Hamilton was already losing political influence at the time of his demise, but this book's exploration of his life and achievements inevitably leads to speculation about how the country might have evolved if he had lived for another 20-30 years.
  • This has very complex wordings. It was difficult to follow while driving. Even the narrator made it more difficult to understand. I am listening to it twice. In still cannot get the gist of it.