All Creatures Great and Small Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot

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These are the stories that catapulted James Herriot to literary fame. When this book was first published, it was a simple volume of memoirs by an unknown Scottish veterinarian. But within a year, the book became recognized as a masterpiece. And in the two and a half decades that followed, Dr. Herriot became one of the most universally loved authors of our time.



  • "All Creatures Great and Small" is a fantastic book that gives readers a delightful glimpse into the life of a 19th-century veterinarian. Christopher Timothy's narration of the audiobook is filled with enthusiasm, making it an engaging and enjoyable listen. If you enjoyed the TV series based on the book, you'll love this audiobook even more as it adds depth and richness to the story. Personally, I absolutely adored it.
  • I absolutely loved the way this audiobook portrayed life in the Yorkshire Dales. The descriptions were so vivid and captivating. It was a real treat to have Christopher Timothy reprise his role as James.
  • After diving into the captivating world of "All Creatures Great and Small," my knowledge about these remarkable animals has expanded tremendously, leaving me genuinely contemplating the possibility of adopting a vegan lifestyle. The heartfelt story of a lorikeet unexpectedly entering my life has further solidified my belief in the intelligence and affection of animals. It begs the question: Why are we subjecting these innocent creatures to such harsh and inhumane treatment?