An American Life Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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An American Life by Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan is an American success story. From modest beginnings in a small midwestern town to a distinguished career in films and television, he lived the American dream; as governor of California and as the century's most popular president, he embodied and revitalized the American spirit.



  • Every American who values truth and freedom should definitely give this book a read. Ronald Reagan's discoveries are as relevant today as they were back then. This book reminds us that we can't afford to be apathetic because the struggle between good and evil is an ongoing battle. Just like Reagan fought against harmful ideologies in his time, we too must rise up against the challenges of our era. This book not only offers insight into Reagan's life and his admirable character, but it also sheds light on his discoveries about the relentless forces of evil that seek to undermine our nation and way of life. The threats he identified from the 1950s to the 1980s are even more aggressive now in 2020, demanding a populace who are passionately indignant towards evil and determined to eradicate it. We need people who are willing to take deliberate, purposeful, and resolute action in defense of truth. There's no room for weakness or apathy. Just like in "The Lord of the Rings," we cannot afford to be naive and stay confined to our comfortable bubbles.
  • Listening to 'An American Life' was an absolute treat as I got to hear President Reagan himself share his experiences and insights about his time in office. It's clear that Reagan truly embodied the title of "the great communicator."