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Less by Andrew Sean Greer

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A breakout romantic comedy by the bestselling author of five critically acclaimed novels



  • This novel by Andrew Sean Greer can only be described as enchanting. The author's wit, humor, and eloquent language keep the reader engaged and entertained throughout the entire book. The NYTimes author, who humorously reviewed Arthur Less's book with the term 'Magniloquent Spoony', ultimately leaves you cheering for the main character. As for the audiobook, the narrator, Robert Petkoff, does an exceptional job. His ability to convey the emotions and distinctive tones of each character is truly impressive. I highly recommend listening to his narration.
  • This book didn't manage to capture my interest at all. It lacked any charm or cleverness. Although I typically enjoy stories about ordinary people, I found Less to be uninteresting. I kept hoping for something to change, but it never did. It felt like a tale about absolutely nothing. Needless to say, this is a book that won't stick with me for long.
  • I can't wrap my head around why this book won a Pulitzer Prize! It was just "meh," and not at all what I anticipated. I had higher hopes. Rather than being a worthwhile use of my monthly credit, it would have been more suitable as a cheap daily deal that doesn't live up to expectations. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone. There are far superior options available.
  • I regret to say that I simply couldn't engage with this book. It failed to captivate me from start to finish. It revolves around a 49-year-old man who has had a relatively privileged and eventful life, yet spends his time feeling sorry for himself as he nears the age of 50. The protagonist reflects on his past adventures and mishaps, which I found neither amusing nor particularly intriguing. There was a single moment that I believed someone might find humorous. Perhaps reading the book in one's own voice and conjuring personal mental images could enhance the experience. It's worth noting that the narrator didn't perform poorly, but they didn't do justice to the book either.
  • I was really excited to dive into Less considering all the buzz and the fact that it won the Pulitzer. Unfortunately, I ended up finding it a bit too dramatic, overly delicate, and lacking in humor. I'm honestly perplexed as to why it received such a highly acclaimed award.
  • I only made it through one hour. I mean, I probably should've given it a bit more time, but it just felt so predictable and full of cliches. It was about as sophisticated as an episode of Will and Grace.
  • The narrator did such a fantastic job with accents and character voices that it truly felt like you were embarking on a global adventure alongside Arthur Les. Arthur Les' insecurities were incredibly charming, making you genuinely cheer for his triumphs. Despite being told from a third-person perspective, you still experienced life through Arthur Les' perspective, gradually realizing just how flawed his interpretations of his own life are. Overall, it was an absolutely delightful book that wrapped up with a fulfilling conclusion.
  • I couldn't handle it anymore after an hour and a half. Maybe it's the storytelling or maybe the main character just isn't captivating enough. Either way, I decided not to continue. Despite the positive reviews, there's definitely something for those who can connect with it. Some books are like that. Personally, the constant back and forth became tiresome and sometimes confusing. There aren't many characters to rely on either, but then again, I didn't get very far. If you take a chance, you'll probably know within the first 90 minutes whether it's your cup of tea. I have a feeling that if you continue, it might be one of those books where you keep longing for something that never materializes.