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Bare Bones by Bobby Bones

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It's a summer of sizzling heat in Charlotte where Dr. Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist for the North Carolina medical examiner, looks forward to her first vacation in years. A romantic vacation. She's almost out the door when the bones start appearing.



  • I really enjoyed Bare Bones...I spent a lot of time in my car, I couldn't seem to stop..finding the bird bones, and searching for the people, getting caught in the cellar...neat...just keep the Audio Books coming....
  • At only 5 hours, it's somewhat too short to really sink your teeth into. I've not picked up any of the other books in the series, but I wouldn't be adverse to it in the future. It's episodic enough that you won't miss anything by jumping into the middle. Watch out for the accents, though: Michele Pawk does justice to the southern drawl of the region, and it can be jarring at first.
  • I really have enjoyed her books. Having lived near Charlotte it is always fun to hear of streets and sites I have visited. She has a nice blend of the story, the facts, and little extras that make it great.