On Writing Well Audio Collection Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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On Writing Well Audio Collection by William Zinsser

The readers can download On Writing Well Audio Collection Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The classic works on the art of nonfiction writing are now in a complete package for your listening pleasure.



  • I was really let down by this audio collection. Turns out, it only includes the first three chapters of the actual book. That's a real bummer! If I had known beforehand, I definitely wouldn't have bought it.
  • This audiobook really nailed it with its clear, straightforward approach, keeping things simple and to the point, all while maintaining a relatable, down-to-earth vibe. It genuinely made me feel like I was having a cozy, intimate conversation about our shared passion for writing.
  • I think this is misleading. The author actually narrates selected portions from two of his books, namely On Writing Well (1 hour) and Writing About Your Life (1.5 hours). Zinsser is truly exceptional and definitely worth giving a listen to, but I must clarify that this is NOT a complete audiobook. It is essentially a condensed compilation of both books. Regrettably, the service does not provide the option to access the full versions of either book.
  • The main focus of 'On Writing Well Audio Collection' revolves around the principles of effective writing, including clarity, simplicity, brevity, and style. Additionally, the author shares insights on various forms of writing, particularly memoirs penned by both renowned and moderately known authors. Rather than offering a step-by-step guide with strict rules and numerous "before" and "after" examples, the book takes on a different approach. Despite this, I found the book enjoyable as it serves as an introductory lecture on writing nonfiction, motivating readers to write and contemplate what constitutes good writing. The author does offer a single piece of advice, which is to trim down approximately half of your written work, resulting in improved writing quality.
  • The book and the audio version are not equivalent. It's nearly impossible to keep up with the audio while following along. I regret using my credit on this book, especially since it turned out to be the wrong choice.