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Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

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Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren is an erotic romance novel. It was written by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings under the pen name of Christina Lauren. Chloe Mills is a sincere and hardworking MBA working in Ryan Media Group under her boss Bennett Ryan. Chloe is very good at her work but is never acknowledged by Bennett, who acts indifferently towards her. Chloe is asked to stay back late one day by Bennett for an impromptu practice speech on an account she is working on. They end up having their first of many sexual encounters in the conference room that day.

Chloe is conscious of the fact that her sexual encounters with Bennett can jeopardize her career if the matter leaks out. She does not want to be remembered as a woman who slept to the top. She vows not to continue her affair with Bennett, however despite her best efforts she continues the same with him. They go to San Diego for a convention where their affair continues. Bennett is unable to go out due to food poisoning, and Chloe has to manage a client presentation alone, which she does successfully. However, she is disheartened when she learns that Bennett has taken the entire credit of the successful presentation. She breaks up with him and resigns from her job at Ryan Media Group.

Bennett later proposes Chloe by confessing his love for her. The book ends with both Bennet and Chloe reconciling and ending up being together.


Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren received positive reviews. It was one of the finalists for Best Romance of 2013 at the Goodreads Choice Awards. The audiobook has a simple and fluid language which helps maintain the flow of the story. The story has been told by the author in an alternating POV. It starts off with Chloe’s POV and then the next chapter has Bennett’s POV. This helps in developing the perspective of the characters to the readers and building a deeper connection between the characters and the readers.

The author has successfully portrayed the interplay of two equal and strong characters who know what they want from life and pursue their goals aggressively. The audiobook is an engaging and gripping read.

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