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Blue Labyrinth

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Special Agent Pendergast-one of the most original, compelling characters in all of contemporary fiction-returns in Preston and Child's new exhilarating novel



  • I'm writing this review without having read any previous Pendergast books, so it's possible I may not fully appreciate the character's background. I came across this book on sale and with positive reviews, but only later realized it was the fourteenth in the series. That being said, Pendergast comes across as incredibly arrogant and dismissive towards everyone he encounters. Agent Pendergast is portrayed as an exceptionally intelligent, well-educated sharpshooter who possesses impressive ninja-like skills and has the uncanny ability to delve into people's pasts. It seems that he isn't particularly interested in being a father, although the reasons behind his strained relationship with his son remain unclear. He maintains a romantic relationship with a much younger woman (who is predictably attractive) who seems willing to do anything for him. Perhaps Pendergast's redeeming qualities are better explored in previous books, as there are few evident in this particular installment. It appears that he leverages his FBI status and inherited wealth to pursue his own desires, essentially using his position for personal gain. In comparison to Sherlock Holmes, Pendergast falls short as a second-rate version lacking the sharp wit that could make his condescension somewhat more tolerable.
  • As a fan of this series, I'll always be inclined to purchase the newest addition. However, it seems that Preston & Child didn't invest much energy into this particular installment. The plot was incredibly predictable, and the conclusion felt completely unrealistic. Additionally, many of the scenes appeared to be lifted directly from their previous books. Surprisingly, I found myself skipping ahead for the first time.
  • If you're into thrillers that have a hint of the X Files, I highly suggest checking out 'Blue Labyrinth'. The characters, especially Pendergast and his crew, are incredibly fascinating and multi-dimensional. Personally, I've developed a real fondness for Rene's narration style. The earlier books were narrated by Scott Brick, who did a great job, but Rene brings a slightly sardonic and creepy vibe that I really dig.
  • I absolutely loved this story. I've gone through this entire series in chronological order, and I have yet to be let down. The story kicks off with a jaw-dropping moment for Pendergast, setting the stage for an intriguing mystery. As he delves into solving this murder case, he finds himself on a treacherous path that could cost him his own life. Constance Green emerges as the undeniable hero, teaming up with Margo Green to put their lives on the line for the beloved Pendergast. This novel peels back another layer of the enigmatic Pendergast, revealing the darker side of his family history. Just like the previous books, it hooks you from the start with one clue after another, and Rene Auberjonois' captivating narration brings the characters to life with their emotions and distinct voices.