Burn for Me: A Hidden Legacy, Book 1 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Burn for Me: A Hidden Legacy, Book 1 by Ilona Andrews

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews launches a brand-new Hidden Legacy series, in which one woman must place her trust in a seductive, dangerous man who sets off an even more dangerous desire . . .



  • This was a great start to a new series. Nevada, the main character, is quite fascinating and I found myself invested in her story. Mad Rogan, on the other hand, is a bit hard to warm up to at first, as he comes across as self-centered and indifferent towards others. However, he gradually grows on you. The story is set in a universe similar to ours, but with the addition of magic. A century ago, a potion was invented that unlocked people's magical abilities. Unfortunately, it spread too quickly to be stopped, resulting in magic becoming a hereditary trait. The most powerful families, known as houses, now hold significant influence. Nevada leads her family's investigation firm after her father's passing. Her family members are unable to participate in investigations due to old age, infirmity, or being too young. They primarily handle small cases like insurance fraud and divorces to avoid putting themselves in danger. Nevada herself lacks magical talent and is often considered a disappointment. Her ability to discern truth makes her a skilled interrogator, but she resists being forced into that role. Mad Rogan is a highly ranked magical Prime and has a dark past as a soldier. He despises his family and lives a reclusive life after leaving the Army. Rogan is asked by his cousin to help her son, Gavin, who has gotten involved with a troublemaking pyrotechnic Prime named Adam from a powerful house. Rogan agrees to find Gavin and take him to the police to ensure his safety. Around the same time, Adam's family, fed up with his behavior, hires a security company that happens to own Nevada's company. Nevada is coerced into retrieving Adam, even though it seems like a suicide mission. She manages to locate Adam but struggles to convince him to surrender. However, Adam takes an interest in Nevada, giving her hope that she can persuade him. Rogan enters the scene as he follows the same leads as Nevada, leading him to her and Adam. Unfortunately, Rogan mistakenly believes Nevada is a friend of Adam's, resulting in a rough first encounter. Nevada wants nothing to do with Rogan after that, but Rogan realizes she is his best chance at finding Adam. Despite Rogan's lack of concern for others, Nevada reluctantly agrees to work with him since she can't bring Adam in on her own. They strike a deal to collaborate, with Rogan promising to help deliver Adam to his house. It's intriguing to see them working together, with Nevada's strong moral compass often pushing Rogan to respect certain boundaries. Despite Rogan's intimidating reputation, Nevada isn't afraid to speak her mind and stand her ground. The romance between them develops slowly, starting off with animosity and gradually growing into something more. By the end, they have a strong attraction, but their relationship is far from perfect, and they haven't gone beyond a few kisses. While the main action plot is resolved, there are lingering subplots that will likely continue in the next book. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Nevada is a likable heroine, and I don't have any major complaints about her character. As for Rogan, he initially intrigued me but grew on me even more as the story progressed. I can't wait to read the next book to see how Rogan wins over Nevada. The plot was engaging and kept me hooked throughout. I highly recommend this book. Two thumbs up!
  • In my opinion, I had higher hopes for this writing duo. The male protagonist gives off an air of entitlement and wealth, acting in a way that can be seen as disrespectful towards women. Additionally, the storyline expects the audience to believe that the female lead dreams about this man, despite his problematic behavior towards women. It's regrettable to say, but investing in this series would not be a wise decision as it gives off a rather unsettling vibe, not in a thrilling or horror sense.
  • I absolutely adore this book to the point where I went ahead and purchased the audiobook version, despite being underwhelmed by the sample. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a regrettable decision. The narrator completely missed the mark when it came to capturing the essence of the characters and the overall tone of the story. What should have been a fantastic tale ended up sounding rather silly. I'm genuinely sorry to have to express this, but I wouldn't want others to waste their money on such a disappointing audiobook, or worse, to judge the author's work solely based on this rendition. The book itself is fantastic, but I recommend sticking with the print or Kindle version.
  • I probably won't continue with this series after reading the first book, 'Burn for Me'. The main character, Nevada Baylor, comes across as whiny and it's hard to feel invested in her story. She's constantly scared and reacts aggressively, like a cornered animal. On the other hand, the hero, Connor "Mad" Rogan, is more likable but still lacks depth. The villain, Adam Pierce, is portrayed as a spoiled rich kid with radical beliefs, but he doesn't progress the story very quickly, particularly in the first half of the book. Eventually, he becomes less prominent and Nevada's own insecurities and hostility become like a secondary villain. The plot revolves around Adam's psychopathic actions and his family's efforts to bring him back into their fold. MII, the company that has a mortgage on Baylor Investigations, assigns Nevada to this task to satisfy the family, even though they believe it's impossible to accomplish. When Nevada initially refuses, MII threatens to call in the loan. As she starts her investigation, Mad Rogan becomes involved because his cousin's son was also affected by Adam's initial crime, and he promised to find the kid. Nevada and Mad Rogan feel attracted to each other, but Nevada's fear prevents her from acting on it. She is indecisive about their attraction and whether to work with him. I spent a lot of time being frustrated with her throughout the book. I couldn't see any valid reasons for her hesitations. The plot progresses very slowly, and the characters lack depth and are not very likable. It's surprising that I managed to finish the book. It's definitely not on par with the Kate Daniels series - the attitude and humor are missing. I think the authors should have spent more time developing this idea before publishing it. Renee Raudman delivers an excellent performance, as expected. I have no complaints about her work on this or any other book I've listened to.
  • This is such an awesome beginning to a fresh series. I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment. The magical realm and the unique group of characters have completely won me over. The authors never disappoint, and if you're a fan of their previous works, you're guaranteed to love this one too. It captures the essence of their signature style, featuring a determined female protagonist who is oblivious to her own strength and facing dire financial circumstances. As she takes on a challenging case, she catches the attention of an incredibly influential man, adding an intriguing layer to the story.
  • Ilona Andrews has done it again with another amazing series, 'Burn for Me: A Hidden Legacy, Book 1'. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the next book. As a devoted reader of Ilona Andrews, they have become one of my favorite authors. Each time I read their books, I find that they only keep improving. I absolutely adore Nevada and can't wait to read more about her and Mad Rogan's journey. I have a weakness for bad boys who know how to tease. The array of eccentric characters, especially Grandma, never fails to make me laugh. I'm excited to see what magical powers Nevada uncovers as she embraces her true potential. The way Ilona Andrews weaves history into the explanation of the magical world is brilliant. I noticed hints of both the Kate Daniels series and The Edge series in this story, creating a perfect fusion. If you haven't read the Kate Daniels series, I highly recommend starting there, not because the stories are related, but because Kate Daniels is simply phenomenal. Lastly, I must mention that the narrator of this audiobook is fantastic.
  • Oh my goodness, I am blown away. This audiobook is simply amazing. The writing is top-notch, and I absolutely adored Nevada's inner dialogues as well as her conversations with others. Ilona Andrews has truly created characters that feel incredibly real. The story itself is expertly paced and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. The narration is fantastic, with perfect intonation and voices that felt truly believable. Ilona Andrews has quickly become one of my absolute favorite authors. I have devoured everything they have written and have never been disappointed. Actually, they might be the only authors I can confidently say that about. Okay, maybe that sounded a bit awkward, but seriously, this audiobook is worth every penny. I am eagerly anticipating the sequel, counting down the days with excitement.