Children of Time Audiobook by Adrian Tchaikovsky [Download]

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Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

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Children of Time Audiobook by Adrian Tchaikovsky is a popular science fiction novel published in 2015. The human civilization has reached new heights of technological advancement. They have started to terraform planets with new life forms using specially designed nano-virus which can elevate animals to true sentience.

This is being done to create a species with whom the human civilization can share the vast and empty expanses of the Spiral Arm. The colony ship from the ruined earth is carrying the last survivors of the human race. The earth has been destroyed due to a series of wars and has become inhabitable. The ship then sets on the expedition to explore nearby habitable planets for continuing the human race.

Fortunately, the humans are able to find a terraformed planet. However, it is still guarded by the cyborg scientist who started the terraforming process. Dr. Ivana Kern has dropped few monkies on the planet. These monkies are infected with the nano-virus which will accelerate their evolution and elevate them to sentience.

Unfortunately, the monkeys which Dr. Kern sent down to the planet do not survive and an entirely new and unplanned species get infected by the nano-virus. It is the spiders and ants which get infected with the nano-virus and are elevated to sentience. The novel provides interesting insights into whether the human race will be able to reclaim and restore its lost glory in the Spiral Arm or the insect species and ants will be the dominating species and create problems.


Children of Time Audiobook by Adrian Tchaikovsky has two parts in its storytelling. The first part deals with the humans on the ark ship Gilgamesh that makes contact with Dr. Kern’s world. The second part is the evolution and development of the spiders species due to the effect of the nano virus.

The author has done a commendable job of weaving these two stories together in a coherent plot. The plot is gripping and moves forward briskly and the readers will be kept engrossed reading the novel. The Children of Time is a well researched and riveting science fiction novel which is a highly recommended read.

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