Colters’ Woman: Colter’s Legacy, Book 1 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Colters' Woman: Colter's Legacy, Book 1 by Maya Banks

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Colter's Legacy #1



  • I absolutely adored this book. The moments that stood out to me were when Hollie relied on Ethan for protection, even though she didn't directly ask for it. The gentle nature of all the men was something I deeply enjoyed. At first, the book may seem a bit unusual, but it has a certain charm to it. I would gladly have the three brothers in my life. The portrayal of the boys was truly impressive, as the author clearly put a lot of thought into developing their characters. I've come across reviews claiming that the story is unrealistic, but I respectfully disagree. I personally felt a strong connection and could easily relate to the characters.
  • I really liked how the narrator gave each character their own unique voice, it added a lot to the listening experience. The story had a fast pace that kept me hooked, and I ended up listening to it all in one sitting. I'm a big fan of Maya Banks and I actually own all the books in this series. Thanks so much!