Complete NIV Audio Bible Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Complete NIV Audio Bible by Biblica

The readers can download Complete NIV Audio Bible Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Ever since he became a Christian at the age of forty, it has been Poirot actor David Suchet's dream to make an audio recording of the whole Bible. In between filming the final episodes of Poirot, David Suchet spent over 200 hours in the recording studio to create the very first full-length audio version of the NIV Bible spoken by a single British actor.




  • John Sachet does a fantastic job, just as you would expect. It would be super useful if they included the books of the Bible instead of just chapters. Otherwise, it can be a bit difficult to find a specific passage.
  • The audio download of this audiobook requires you to figure out the chapter numbers on your own, which can be a bit of a drag. However, the quality of the reading makes it worth the effort. Thankfully, you can download a PDF from the service website, although the chapter numbers there are consistently off by one. To save you the trouble, here are the correct chapter numbers that work on my phone: 1 for Genesis, 51 for Exodus, 91 for Leviticus, 118 for Numbers, 154 for Deuteronomy, 188 for Joshua, 212 for Judges, 233 for Ruth, 237 for 1 Samuel, 268 for 2 Samuel, 292 for 1 Kings, 314 for 2 Kings, 339 for 1 Chronicles, 368 for 2 Chronicles, 404 for Ezra, 414 for Nehemiah, 427 for Esther, 437 for Job, 479 for Psalms, 629 for Proverbs, 660 for Ecclesiastes, and 672 for Song of Songs.