Dark Places Audiobook by Gillian Flynn [Free Download by Trial]

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Dark Places: A Novel by Gillian Flynn

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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is the second novel of the author published in 2009. The central theme of the novel is class issues, poverty and Satanic cult hysteria which swept the United States in the 1980s. The novel starts with Libby Day, who is also the protagonist and narrator, witnessing the murder of her two sisters and mother in Kansas City. It appears as a Satanic ritual to her and she is able to escape the horrific murders. She later testifies that her brother Ben, 15, had killed the entire family. Ben is arrested and sent to prison for life.

Libby faces financial turmoil and as a result, takes up a offer worth $500 from a Kill Club. The members of the club discuss the unsolved crimes. She decides to present her story to them and also sell any items or memorabilia related with the crime. The club’s leader Lyle Wirth tells Libby that he feels Ben is innocent and did not commit the murders. Libby does not believe so, but she embarks on her own journey to investigate the matter. She meets Ben during her investigations and also ends up meeting her father, who she feels has no part in the murders. The findings of Libby’s investigations and the repercussions thereof is the remainder of the novel.


Dark Places by Gillian Flynn received positive reviews from both the critics and readers. It was on the New York Times Bestseller list. It was also nominated for the Black Quill Award in 2009. The narrative alternates between Libby in the current day and her mother Patty and brother Ben during the flashbacks. Patty’s viewpoint provides an insight into her difficulties in raising the family. Ben, on the other hand, narrates the troubled life he had to live due to bad company. This provides the hard hitting truth of poverty and abuse of those times.

The author develops the characters and their motivations beautifully. The readers can relate to the characters and their compulsion to act in the way they did. The readers are engaged by the gripping narrative and fast-paced plot. The climax is particularly interesting and highly unpredictable. The readers would enjoy reading this engaging novel from Gillian Flynn.

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